HEP Plasma for Horticulture Grow Lights

The world faces major challenges in food security to meet population growth whilst dealing with scarcities of land, water and energy and issues of globalisation and climate change. HEP plasma lighting is helping to tackle these global issues. HEP plasma light can be tailored to create bespoke spectral outputs for horticulture grow-lighting, help innovate designer plants for new medicines, and deliver UV-C radiation for water sterilisation. Our UV420 plasma grow-light demonstrates this: delivering ‘blue-light’ and UV-A and UV-B light spectra to influence plant physiology for improved nutrition and taste, and increased crop yields. We are exploring opportunities in high value crops and new food sources, including algae and breeding insects for high protein food stocks.

ionCORE® Technology

Ceravision's innovative plasma lighting, built around the ionCORE™ light engine, provides flexibility in spectral output and is suitable for several commercial applications.


In horticulture, Ceravision's unique UV420 plasma grow-light provides benefits over other supplementary grow-lights, delivering the essential 'blue-light, UV-A and UV-B light missing from other grow-lights, to add value, reduce costs and raise production efficiency.


The Environment is at the heart of all we do as we develop the HEP plasma lighting to address global challenges in food security, water supply and energy efficiency. And we aim to ensure our components and processes minimise environmental impacts.

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Future Applications

Light is now a value added utility in many sectors. Offering a wide spectral range and energy efficiency, Ceravision's HEP lighting technology has the flexibility to offer economic solutions in high value global markets.

HEP Plasma Lighting Technology

HEP Plasma lighting is perfect for horticulture grow-lighting, where it delivers UV-A and UV-B light; and with its flexible spectral outputs and efficiency it offers solutions across a range of applications.

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