Plasma UV Grow-Lights for Horticulture

Exploiting our patented technologies, we research, develop and manufacture horticulture UV grow-lights. Our new UV420W grow-light delivers UV-B, UV-A and blue. Hitherto overlooked, UV-B energises plants to help realise their genetic potential. But indoors, UV-B is blocked by greenhouse glass and absent from normal grow-lights. UV-B boosts terpenes, essential oils and flavonoids to boost flavour, aroma and colour. UV-B deters pest and moulds, helping to cultivate an organic regime with fewer chemicals and residual contaminants. Post-harvest, it helps sterilise grows rooms and can prolong freshness. In industrial hemp trials, the UV420 boosted CBD by 40%. And in humans, UV-B produces the sunshine vitamin - vitamin D.

ionCORE® Technology

By exploiting the dosing flexibility in the technology we have created a unique high UV-B/UV-A spectral output to complement PAR grow-lights in horticulture to better replicate solar radiation in the natural environment.


The UV420 plasma grow-light delivers UV-A and the vital UV-B blocked by greenhouse glass and missing from PAR grow-lights, adding value and increasing yields, whilst helping to sterilise grow-rooms of pests and mould without hazardous chemicals for a more organic regime.


The Environment is at the heart of all we do. We aim to ensure components and processes minimise environmental impacts as we develop plasma lighting to help address the global issues of food security, water supply and energy efficiency.

Further Information

Future Applications

Delivering flexible spectral outputs, Ceravision's lighting offers practical economic solutions in horticulture and other applications including UV-B lights to help production of vitamin D in reptiles and humans, and UV sterilisation.

HEP Plasma Lighting Technology

Ceravision’s HEP plasma grow-lights, with a spectrum providing UV-B, UV-A and blue herald a new scientific future in horticulture lighting and UV-B is beneficial for humans producing the vitamin D essential for health.

Intellectual Property

Ceravision maintains an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio comprising Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights.

Featured News

Dec 2019: Mr Andrew Fuller of Bridge Farm, explains how incorporating Ceravision's UV grow-light in its industrial hemp cultivation boosted cannabinoids by 40% (see video).


Oct 2019: Ceravision presents its new horticulture UV grow-light to demonstrate the reliability and flexibility of its patented plasma lighting at the NIAB Industry Workshop on Advances in Grow-Lighting...


Sept 2019: Independent lab tests on harvested industrial hemp crop at Bridge Farm Group confirm that incorporating Ceravision's complementary UV grow-light boosted cannabinoids by 40%.