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The world faces major challenges in food production systems to meet rising populations whilst dealing with scarcities of land, water and energy and eco-political issues of globalisation and climate change. At the same time, biotechnology is evolving ways to manipulate plants for innovative new medicines. Horticulture grow-lighting can make a significant contribution: accelerating plant development, increasing frequencies of growing cycles, raising crop yields and influencing plant physiology to improve nutrition and taste. Against this background, Ceravision is using its invented and patented HEP lighting to create a unique range of grow-lights. With a small high intensity, electrodeless light source and the ability to economically tailor spectra, HEP is persuasive in horticulture. To this end, Ceravision is pleased to announce the launch of the UV420 - a grow-light with ‘blue-light’, UV-A and UV-B. This unique grow-light ensures stronger, faster vegetative growth and more resinous, higher yielding crops. The flexibility of our HEP technology enables us to tailor grow-lights for horticulture that can enhance production efficiencies and help scientists create designer plants without genetic modification or chemical usage. We are also exploring the potential for HEP in other areas of food and water security including a UV-C spectrum for water sterilisation. Ceravision will continue to develop our HEP technology to help address global challenges.

ionCORE® Technology

This revolutionary plasma technology invented by Ceravision provides flexibility in spectral output including delivering tailored spectra, including UV-A and UV-B for general and specific horticulture grow-light applications.


In horticulture, Ceravision’s new 420W High Energy Photon Grow-Light demonstrates performance and economic benefits over legacy and LED grow-lights; and can deliver real added value to crops.


The Environment is at the heart of all we do. Our components and processes minmise environmental impacts. And we continue to develop our HEP technology to address global challenges in food production, water supply and energy efficiency.

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Future Applications

Light is now a value added utility in many sectors. Offering a wide spectral range and energy efficiency, Ceravision's HEP lighting technology has the flexibility to offer economic solutions in high value global markets.

HEP Lighting Technology

Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) lighting technology, with its spectral output and efficiency, offers solutions in a range of applications and is perfect for horticulture grow-lighting.

Intellectual Property

Ceravision maintains an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio comprising Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights.

Featured News

Ceravision's new UV420 is shown at Autopot Summer Special 18th - 19th August 2018


Ceravision's unique UV420 Grow-light revealed at Greentech show in Amsterdam in June 12-14 2018.


The testing of Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) lamps in Rothamsted has been underway now for four months. The testing compares Ceravision’s HEP lamps with legacy metal halide lamps and new LED systems and their impact upon the growth of wheat.