Spectral Design

Tailored light spectra to suit a particular plant, crop or targeted outcome can be developed using Ceravision's HEP plasma lighting technology. 

Ceravision can offer clients a confidential tailored design service for the creation of precise spectral outputs and the development of bespoke plasma grow-light solutions. 

Trichomes production in cannabis plant enhanced by HEP plasma UVA and UVB grow light
HEP Plasma UV-A and UV-B Grow-Lights
Enhance Trichome Production

The electrodeless discharge chamber in the HEP plasma light has fewer of the chemical constraints imposed by the materials that are used in traditional light sources.  This inherent flexibility allows numerous spectral ranges to be designed. 

This could help horticulturalists to improve nutritional values, crop economics and production efficiencies; and it could provide a tool to help biotechnologists engineer ‘designer’ plants for new medicines without genetic modification or chemical usage.

Ceravision works with global companies and research institutions whose expertise lies within these fields, to exploit the benefits of plasma lighting. 

Exploiting the inherent flexibility in HEP plasma lighting, our lighting scientists could design the chemical dose to create the light spectra together with the development of a complementary plasma grow-light.

Ceravision can offer the whole package - spectral development, testing, lamp design, development and manufacture.

For further information on Ceravision's tailored spectral design services, please call on +44(0) 1908 379444; or email: info@ceravision.com

Further Information

Future Applications

Offering flexible spectral outputs, Ceravision's HEP plasma lighting offers added-value and economic solutions in horticulture grow-lighting and other commercial applications.

HEP Plasma Lighting Technology

Ceravision’s HEP plasma grow-lights, with a unique spectrum providing essential blue, UV-A, UV-B and green light, herald a new future for horticulture lighting; and they can be tailored to suit different plants and outcomes.

Intellectual Property

Ceravision maintains an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio comprising Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights.

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