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Ceravision at NIAB Grow Lighting Workshop

Thursday 17th Oct 2019, Ceravision at the NIAB Industry Workshop on Advances in Grow Lighting.....

Ceravision's Dr Stuart Mucklejohn presented a lecture entitled 'All Light is Not the Same' to explain how plants need ​more than PAR light in greenhouse cultivation, they also need the vital UV-A and UV-B to grow to their full potential.   Ceravision also showcased our unique complementary UV420 grow-light at this high profile industry work shop (see details here).  The National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) is a plant science research company based in Cambridge, UK and organised this event at the Sophi Taylor Conference Centre in Cambridge. Other prominent speakers included: 

  • Erik Runkle of Michigan State University – “Considerations and U.S. perspectives when selecting an LED fixture for greenhouse applications”
  • Dirk Ludolph of LWK Niedersachsen – “LED light for ornamentals – more than fairy lights” 
  • Dr Gareth John of LIA – “Lighting systems and operator safety”.

NIAB is organising this grower-focused event as an essential knowledge exchange workshop, to offer a platform for growers of all protected crops to engage and discuss the latest lighting related products and innovations in horticulture lighting. 


Further Information

Future Applications

Delivering flexible spectral outputs, plasma lighting offers practical economic solutions in horticulture and other applications requiring natural solar levels of UV-A and UV-B, or UV-C for sterilisation.

Plasma Light Technology

Ceravision’s plasma grow-lights, with a spectrum providing UV-B, UV-A and blue herald a new scientific future in horticulture lighting and UV-B is beneficial for humans producing the vitamin D essential for health.

Intellectual Property

Ceravision maintains an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio comprising Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights.

Featured News

Dec 2019: Mr Andrew Fuller of Bridge Farm, explains how incorporating Ceravision's UV grow-light in its industrial hemp cultivation boosted cannabinoids by 40% (see video).


Oct 2019: Ceravision presents its new horticulture UV grow-light to demonstrate the reliability and flexibility of its patented plasma lighting at the NIAB Industry Workshop on Advances in Grow-Lighting...


Sept 2019: Independent lab tests on harvested industrial hemp crop at Bridge Farm Group confirm that incorporating Ceravision's complementary UV grow-light boosted cannabinoids by 40%.