Apple Watch Series 3

How Can I Reset Apple Watch Series 3? 

How can I reset my Apple Watch Series 3? Apple Watch Series 3 is the 3rd series in the family of Apple watches. Let’s say you just got a new Apple watch in this series and want to set it up.

How to Reset My Apple Watch Series 3

It is not a regular occurrence to buy a watch that has the correct time. The time on the watch might not match the time zone of your current location.

Most watches are very smart and sometimes will give their user difficulties when trying to reset them. You will not want to use a watch that does not tell the exact time in your zone.

Here, we will show you how to set up your Apple Watch Series 3, including how to reset the watch the easy way.

How to Reset My Apple Watch Series 3

Maybe you got an Apple watch and you want to set it up by resetting it to the factory mode so you can customize or personalize the user experience of the watch.

Apple watches are usually operated from an Apple iPhone. In case you do not have an iPhone, you can still reset your Apple Watch Series 3.

Here is how to reset and set up your Apple Watch without using an iPhone:

1. On Your Apple Watch go to Settings

The first thing to do is to switch on your Apple Watch, open the app drawer, tap on the setting app, enter the general settings section, and click on reset to erase all content and settings.

2. Create Password

If you are asked for a password, you should create a new password and make sure to use a simple password that you can easily remember.

3. Cellular Plan

The watch comes with a cellular plan. If you wish to connect it to your iPhone, you can keep the cellular plan. But if you do not want to connect, you can opt out of the cellular subscription.

4. Click on Erase All to Start the Process

To start the whole process, you have to confirm that you are ready by clicking the ERASE ALL button. After clicking this button, the watch will reset.

Note that when you reset your Apple watch, you will need to set up a new login detail which includes your Apple ID and your password. 

Do you want to pair your Apple watch to your iPhone after setting it up and it is not pairing? Then you have to read on to get the solution to this problem.

Why is My Existing Apple Watch Not Pairing?

If you are having a problem pairing your existing Apple watch to your Apple iPhone, then you should try checking if your Airplane Mode is off.

Also, make sure you have a good Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. You perform this check by going to the control center of the watch.

In case the Airplane Mode icon appears on the screen of your watch, then you should know that Airplane Mode is on. Go to the Control Center and turn it off.

Most times, people often wonder if it is possible to wipe an activation lock on an Apple Watch. If it were to be very easy, then there would have been a record of high theft.

Can You Wipe an Activation Lock on an Apple Watch?

To wipe an activation lock on an Apple watch, you will need to provide the authorized Apple ID and password linked to the watch.

It is crucial to note that erasing all the content, media, data, and settings in the watch does delete the Activation Lock.

The first thing to do is to unpair the watch from the iPhone to which it is connected. So, it is almost possible to unpair an Apple watch without the paired iPhone.

The  Apple Watch has many amazing features that still make it desirable to many Apple fans. Do you want to find out if the Apple Watch Series 3 is old? Then read on!

Is the Apple Watch Series 3 too Old?

No, you can still walk up to an Apple shop and buy the Apple Watch Series 3, although most Apple iPhones do not support it.

The refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 is still available in the market pricing from 100 USD. But when buying this watch, you should try to avoid this outdated model.

However, Apple recommends buying the 2022 Apple Watch SE instead which is also as affordable as the Apple Watch Series 3.

Also, you might want to know how long the Series 3 of the Apple Watch will last on your wrist before heading to an Apple Watch outlet to buy it.

What is the Lifetime of the Series 3 Apple Watch?

With frequent updates, you can extend the lifespan of a Series 3 Apple Watch to 3 to 5 years. These updates will keep the watch supported by the Apple operating system.

It is very risky not to update the Apple Watch software as it might go blank or end the life of the watch even though the frame is still in good condition.

Apple has a method of upgrading its operating systems every year. However, the maximum number of times you can upgrade your watch is up to the fifth year of its production.

Before buying the Series 3 Apple watch, let us also look at its downside.

What is the Downside of the Apple Watch Series 3?

One of the biggest downsides of the Apple Watch Series 3 is its poor storage space. This watch’s internal storage page is only 8 gigabytes in size.

If you want to load up apps, songs, or any other type of content on your watch, then you need to avoid this watch.

The only situation where you will still have to buy this watch is when you have enough space on your phone and do not need additional mobile entertainment sources.

Finally, to set up your Apple Watch Series 3 for the first time before using it, you have to reset it to factory mode, and then set the new Apple ID and password.

Also, it will interest you to explore some frequently asked questions related to the Apple watch.

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