Can You Return Sephora at Kohls?

Can you return sephora at Kohls? In a convenient partnership, select Kohl’s stores now offer a curated selection of Sephora products, allowing customers to enjoy a fusion of beauty offerings in one location.

Can You Return Sephora at Kohls?

However, a common question arises for shoppers: Can you return Sephora products at Kohl’s? Understanding the return policy is essential for a smooth shopping experience.

In this article, we will delve into the details and unravel whether returning Sephora items purchased from Kohl’s is possible.

Can You Return Sephora at Kohls?

Yes, customers can typically return Sephora products purchased from Kohl’s.

Since Sephora products are sold within select Kohl’s stores as part of their collaboration, the return process follows Kohl’s standard return policy.

Here are some key points to consider:

1. Timeframe

Kohl’s generally offers a generous return window of up to 180 days for most items, including Sephora products.

It’s important to check the specific timeframe for returns at the time of purchase or refer to the receipt.

2. Original Packaging and Receipt

To facilitate a return, it is typically required to present the original packaging and a valid receipt as proof of purchase.

This helps ensure that the item was bought from Kohl’s and allows for a smoother refund or exchange process.

3. Sephora-Specific Items

Sephora products purchased from Kohl’s are subject to the same return policy as other items sold at the store.

However, certain Sephora items, such as fragrances, may have specific return restrictions due to safety and hygiene reasons.

It’s advisable to check with Kohl’s or Sephora’s customer service or refer to their official websites for detailed information on returning specific product categories.

4. Refund Process

Kohl’s typically offers refunds in the original form of payment. If the purchase was made with a credit card, the refund will be issued back to the same card.

If the purchase was made with cash, customers may receive a cash refund or, depending on the store’s policy, a merchandise credit.

5. Online Purchases

If Sephora products were purchased from Kohl’s online, the return process may vary slightly.

It’s recommended to review the online return policy on Kohl’s website or contact their customer service for specific instructions.

Can I Get My Sephora Birthday Gift at Kohl’s?

You cannot get your Sephora birthday gift at Kohl’s. The Sephora birthday gift program is exclusive to Sephora stores and the Sephora website.

As part of their Beauty Insider program, Sephora offers a birthday gift to their Beauty Insider members during their birthday month.

To receive your birthday gift, you need to be a registered Beauty Insider and provide your membership information at a Sephora store or during online checkout on the Sephora website.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that return policies can vary slightly between different Kohl’s locations and may be subject to change.

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