Best 15 Decluttering Tips for Military Families to Stay Organized

A military family faces many unique problems daily, and keeping their home clutter-free is perhaps one of their hardest tasks. It might be challenging to keep up with organizing and cleaning, particularly if you are not yet retired.

Maintaining an organized space can seem like a struggle in the hectic pace of military life. You have to balance military and family life.

But then, you can still live where everything fits together, moves easily, and has a purpose.

Here are some decluttering ideas for military families to help you clear out your home and lead a clutter-free, tranquil life.

Decluttering Tips for Military Families

Decluttering Tips for Military Families

If you are from a military family, keeping your space as neat and organized as possible will help you be ready and allow you to focus on the things that lie ahead.

Despite the hectic military life, there are some basic daily routines for maintenance, preventing clutter, and having an ordered home.

These tips aim to lower your stress levels and enhance your entire well-being by creating a peaceful home that accommodates military families’ active lifestyles.

But how do you determine what’s worth keeping and what you should part with? If you don’t know how to keep your home feeling cozy and decluttered, stay with us.

Here are some proven tips to help you stay organized;

1. Jot Down Ideas

Organizing your space should not be that difficult if you are familiar with it. Do you start with a plan in mind? Get out a pen and a blank piece of paper.

Jot down every idea that has occurred to you. Decluttering can be finished fast and easily in this way.

2. Have a Home Binder

Have a Home Binder

Military families move around a lot, from one location to another, so do the decluttering techniques for every new place you find yourself.

This is the reason it’s crucial to compile all of these decluttering concepts in one place.

Compile all of your ideas into a binder to make it easier to set up a clean home after every move.

3. Declutter Frequently

Make decluttering a regular part of your routine rather than putting all that pressure on yourself trying to clear your space in one day.

Developing decluttering habits can not only speed up your movement, but it will also help you keep your belongings more in check.

Depending on your schedule, you can set aside 10 minutes each day to declutter your home.

4. Use Storage Solutions

Invest in extra portable products to help you keep your home neat and organized.

Instead of having clutter all over the place when you move, it will be much easier to move with a good storage system.

When dealing with objects that won’t fit in a drawer, storage containers are designed to be helpful. If your storage system is easy to use, you’ll be far more inclined to move it with you.

5. Be Selective with Keepsakes

Be Selective with Keepsakes

Many people can quickly establish ties that are hard to break and have the power to make a big difference, even if they are not in the picture for very long.

As a result, keeping any memories we may have shared is easy. Images, crafts, cards, or sentimental apparel could be some of them. Having too much of a certain item can ultimately lead to clutter.

It is essential to set and uphold boundaries. Data backups, including movies and photos, can be stored on iCloud or Google Drive for later access.

6. Use and Recycle

Have you considered some advice on getting rid of items you don’t need? Some people still hold sentimental items regardless.

You can even create a little shelf to hold items that hold special meaning for you and your loved ones.

Even though many things aren’t used for what they were intended, they can still serve a valuable role.

Keep in mind that many appliances can be readily fixed or have parts replaced before discarding a costly item.

7. Choose Simple Decor

Finding ways to make our house feel like a home, a comfortable space free of clutter, is one of the hardest problems we have when we move frequently.

Having basic décor that complements almost any style in your room with a touch of happiness and coziness is sensible, regardless.

You can enjoy the advantages of a simple lifestyle at home and make moving to your next location easier.

8. Create Labels

Labeling things is often the most crucial step in the organizing process. Labeling makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can label your clothes, your kids’ shoes, and other possessions so that Mr. A won’t take Mr. B’s things to school.

9. Mental Decluttering

Mental Decluttering

Clutter sometimes hinders our creativity and keeps us stagnant. We can begin living the lives we have always desired once we clear out all of the mental and physical clutter.

Anyway, any time you feel overwhelmed by clutter, ask yourself if these items are worth the stress.

Get rid of any sentimental item. Once you can make a decision, you tend to attract the things you really want into your life. Create space in your mind and lead a happy life.

10. Have a Simple Organizing System

Begin modestly and let the energy of achievement grow as you get closer.

Clean up the laundry room, proceed to the restroom, or focus on the entryway. Establish a method that works well for you and is well-organized.

How to Get My Family to Declutter?

If you’re the only one who wants to declutter your home, we can all relate to how frustrating it is, but here is the trick to get everyone involved;

1. Begin with a Dialogue

Try to have a conversation with your family and explain to them the main reasons you need to maintain a clutter-free environment.

It’s important to let them know about your goals and intentions, but try not to put too much pressure on them.

Informing them of the precise methods in which they can support you is also beneficial. If they assist, accept their help with gratitude; if not, enjoy doing it yourself.

2. Start Decluttering First

Start Decluttering First

Trying to sort through your family’s mess by yourself could be quite difficult. Of course, maybe they could join you later. But this is a situation when leading by example is required.

Don’t just rely on them, you can start with decluttering your space. Just get going first, and watch who else follows suit.

3. Develop Excellent Habits at a Young Age

Some people are not trained to declutter their space when they are young, you will see people who can live comfortably with mess around them.

But yours could be a different case if you follow our decluttering tips for military families.

In a case where you are living with kids, start at a very young age to train them to perform tasks like placing an object in a container.

4. Container Approach

This technique is helpful for all ages, but it works well with children because it is visual.

For example, if you have a container or bin for toys, they can declutter by filling up the container. Once it’s full, they must trade something out to make space for new items.

This helps kids develop decision-making skills by allowing them to keep their belongings while establishing clear boundaries.

The decluttering tips for military families are so practical and helpful.

All things considered, these strategies aim to create a calm and orderly home environment that supports military families’ dynamic and ever-changing way of life.

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