Does Kohls Give Kohls Cash for Amazon Returns?

Does Kohls Give Kohls Cash for Amazon Returns?

Does Kohls give Kohls Cash for Amazon returns? Have you been asking yourself this question? Keep reading to know if Kohls gives Kohls Cash for Amazon returns.

Does Kohls Give Kohls Cash for Amazon Returns?

In the world of online shopping, customers are always looking for ways to simplify their return process and maximize their savings.

One popular question that often arises among Kohls customers is, “Does Kohl’s give Kohl’s Cash for Amazon returns”.

Here, you will get to know all the information you need to know about returning Amazon items to Kohls.

Does Kohl’s Give Kohl’s Cash for Amazon Returns?

No, Kohls does not give Kohl’s cash back for Amazon returns.

This is because Kohl’s Cash program is exclusive to purchases made at Kohl’s stores or on the Kohl’s website. When you make a qualifying purchase at Kohl’s, you earn Kohl’s Cash.

This Kohl’s Cash can be redeemed for future purchases at their stores or online. However, the return of an Amazon item to Kohl’s does not entitle you to Kohl’s Cash rewards.

Does Kohl’s Accept Amazon Returns?

Yes, Kohls does accept Amazon returns from their customers.

Kohl’s has partnered with Amazon to offer a convenient return service for Amazon customers. This collaboration allows customers to return eligible Amazon items to select Kohl’s stores.

By leveraging Kohl’s nationwide network of physical locations, Amazon aims to make the return process smoother and more accessible for its customers.

How Does the Amazon Return Process at Kohl’s Work?

Returning Amazon items at Kohl’s is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Amazon’s return process works at Kohls:

1. Initiate the Return on Amazon’s Website

Begin by logging into your Amazon account and selecting the item you wish to return. After that follow Kohls prompts to generate a return label.

2. Choose Kohls as the Return Location

When you want to select a return location, choose Kohls as your preferred drop-off point. After choosing Kohl, you will receive a QR code or a unique return code.

3. Visit a Participating Kohl’s Store

Take your item, along with the QR code or return code, to a Kohl’s store that accepts Amazon returns. Look for the designated Amazon Returns area or ask a store associate for assistance.

4. Drop off Your Return

Head to the Amazon Returns area and provide the necessary information to the associate. They will take care of the rest, including packaging and shipping the item back to Amazon.

5. Receive your Refund or Replacement

Once Amazon receives your return, they will process the refund or replacement according to their standard procedures.

In conclusion, returning Amazon items at Kohl’s is a convenient option for customers seeking a hassle-free return process. You can still take advantage of the seamless return service provided by Kohl’s.

Also, remember to check Amazon’s return policy for item eligibility and initiate the return process on Amazon’s website. Visit a participating Kohl’s store with your QR code and the friendly associates will guide you through the rest of the process. 

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