How to Buy from Fruit of the Loom

How Do I Buy from Fruit of the Loom?

How do I buy from Fruit of the Loom? One of the best shopping experiences regarding clothes is to buy clothes in bulk at a discounted price. And this store is one of those places to do that.

There is an undeniable need to shop for clothes as our daily outings demand. It might be for a special occasion like a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or a funeral.

As a clothes retailer, it offers a significant discount to its clients on shirts, underwear, trousers, and other clothing. Especially those who buy in large quantities. 

But to benefit from this discount, you must know how to buy clothes from their stores. Here, we will show how you can buy from this clothing retailer and enjoy huge discounts.

How to Buy from Fruit of the Loom

You can buy anything relating to clothes at any of their retail stores or place an order for any apparel of your choice on their website.

When you place an order for clothes on their websites, they will ship it to you via the ground shipping method at no additional fee.

Currently, the best way to buy clothes from Fruit of the Loom is by shopping online through its official website.

Here is how to buy clothes online from this wholesale apparel dealer:

1. Visit the Fruit of the Loom official website.

2. Choose the gender or category you wish to go for (Men, Women, or Kids).

3. Search for the specific clothes.

4. Pick your size.

5. Enter the quantity you wish to buy.

6. Click on ADD TO BAG

7. Proceed with the transaction.

After, completing the above steps, what you have to do next is to wait for Fruit of the Loom to deliver your order to your residence.

Before placing an order online at Fruit of the Loom, you should know the minimum order amount for some apparel in their stores.

What is the Minimum Order for Fruit of the Loom?

Apparel like the Fruit of the Loom embroidered garments do not have a minimum order amount. You can place any amount of order.

They are capable of embroidering up to 10,000 dresses on a weekly basis and can deliver them as fast as the client expects.

If you decide to order less than that amount (10,000), you will still have Fruit of the Loom deliver your dresses fast as well.

Furthermore, we will examine if clothes at any of these wholesale apparel stores are worth your financial investment.

Is Buying from Fruit of the Loom Worth it?

Yes, if you just bought clothes from this great apparel dealer, there is nothing to worry about because you just made the right investment and added the right stuff to your wardrobe.

Fruit of the Loom sells T-shirts and dresses that wash very well without fading colors. Also, their dresses are a modern fit and will give you convenience when you wear them.

You can choose from different sizes of T-shirts. Whether it is for a Man, Woman, or a Child. This means that you do not have to worry about size.

There is a top rival of Fruit of the Loom called Hanes. Before making plans to go shopping for clothes, most people often compare prices from these two clothing business giants.


Are Clothes from Fruit of the Loom Cheaper than Hanes?

Yes, Clothes from Fruit of the Loom are cheaper than those from Hanes. There is a huge difference between the selling prices of Hanes and Fruit’s apparel.

This is because Hanes Clothing Company uses higher quality raw materials in producing most of the expensive clothes often seen at a Hanes clothing store.

Fruit of the Loom also has good clothes in stock but these clothes are not of high standard like that of Hanes.

If you are looking for something good and affordable, then you should go for Fruit’s Apparel. 

However, the easiest way to buy from Fruit of the Loom is by visiting its official website, searching for the dress of your choice, and placing an order for a number of clothes.

Also, it is crucial to note that buying clothes from this Fruit clothing store is worth your investment as they have one of the best clothing quality in the market.

Let us look at some questions most people often ask regarding Fruit of the Loom Apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fruit of the Loom Located?

This Fruit Clothing company is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They have a global team of around 33,000 workers across 11 countries.

Is Fruit of the Loom Apparel True to Size?

Yes, every dress you get from this clothing company actually fits. There is no room for the return of clothes because of oversizing. You will choose clothes according to your size.

Does Fruit of the Loom Clothes Shrink?

Yes, clothes from most clothing companies often shrink after about 5 times of washing them. So clothes from the Fruit Clothing company are not exempted.

Who Owns Fruit of the Loom Apparel Company?

Though this clothing company seems to be independent, it has a bigger company from which it is operating. It is owned by the Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

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