45 Fun Family Activities to Do at Home During Weekends

Looking for exciting ways to keep the whole family entertained without stepping out of the house? Engaging in indoor activities might help you realize a lot of your potential.

Aside from the inevitable COVID-19 pandemic, most people consider staying in to be a boring activity because they don’t know what to do with their time.

We have listed out fun family activities to do at home. You and your kids won’t have to worry anymore if a child has to stay home during the holidays.

It won’t feel like a letdown if you remember these indoor kid-friendly activities.

Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

Take a look at our fun family activities that are stimulating, instructive, and strengthen family bonds.

1. Try a New Recipe

Have you ever made your curry or baked your bread?

Bring your children and loved ones over, and cook them the one recipe you’ve always wanted to try. It’s time to try out a new recipe together.

2. Read a Book Together

Whether it’s the entire Harry Potter series or a book of short stories, this is a great time to put away the gadgets and read together as a family.

Children get to learn and unlearn every day. This will strengthen their educational background.

3. Play Board Games

There are several board games that the whole family can enjoy.

You can play old games like Scrabble and Monopoly to more recent ones like HeadBandz.

4. Complete a Puzzle

Do you have a 1000-piece puzzle lying around? This is the moment to pull it out and get going.

Set aside some time, and involve the entire family. You can frame each puzzle you finish as a keepsake.

5. Make an Obstacle Course

Use pillows, armchairs, mattresses, and laundry baskets to create an indoor obstacle course for your kids.

Or enjoy yourself outside with sprinklers, mini-pools, and tires.

6. Start a Garden

To have a garden is a fantastic idea, it adds to your home decor.

Growing an outdoor butterfly garden or an indoor herb garden is a good place to start.

7. Plan a Picnic

Prepare a traditional picnic lunch with sandwiches, fruit, and potato chips.

Pack everything into a basket and head to your picnic spot, whether it’s a blanket on the lawn or a patio table. Your family will enjoy fresh air and a dose of vitamin D.

8. Conduct a Four-Square Competition

Everyone gets active during this family-friendly outdoor exercise. This needs just four players and a large rubber ball.

Using a 12-by-12-foot drawing, divide your driveway into four squares: A, B, C, and D. Each player stands in one square.

The player in A starts by bouncing the ball in their square, then hitting it with open hands into another square.

It is up to the following player to strike the ball into another square. The game restarts when a player hits the ball out of bounds or misses it, moving them to D and advancing the players behind them.

9. Create a Labyrinthine Garden

Use stones, twigs, or unmowed grass to mark out a route in your backyard.

Young children in particular will enjoy following the curves and turns of your work..

10. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Kids rarely resist a scavenger hunt. Hide little jewels and treasures in the garden, then draw a map with directions for the kids.

For an ancient look, soak the map in coffee to brown it with age, and tear the edges while the paper is wet. Hide the map in the house and let the kids find it while doing chores.

11. Cooking

Fun Family Activities to Do at Home - Cooking

On chilly or rainy days, don’t forget about indoor family activities. Bake or cook together.

Some children love burgers and they will also love to know how to make them. Once the baking is finished, take a seat and eat a bite while sipping a cool beverage.

12. Check Out the Stars

Download a star chart from the internet. Choose a spot in your yard with a clear view of the sky and go outside to watch how the night sky changes each day.

Getting fresh air before bedtime might also help your kids sleep better.

13. Do Magic Tricks

You can search for some magic tricks on YouTube and put on a show for the little kids.

You can also teach older children some tricks they can perform for the whole family.

14. Play Capture the Flag

To play Capture the Flag, you’ll need two pieces of cloth, cut into flag shapes and colored differently (one for each player), and six or more individuals.

Divide your yard into two adjacent courts, each measuring approximately 12 by 12 feet, using flour. Split up into two teams, and have each player set a flag on their respective team’s back line.

If tagged, they must stand behind the opposing team’s flags. They can go back to their court and are safe if they manage to capture a flag. The winning team is the one that first collects every opponent’s flag.

15. Have a Taste Test

Choose one of the best meals around the world, something that your loved ones have not had before.

Find the country on a globe or map, and read a short introduction to its culture.

16. Go Camping Inside

If you are someone who loves staying indoors, bringing camping inside might be the solution.

Construct a temporary camping trip right in your living room. Set up blanket forts or tents, come together and tell good stories, or make good meals and enjoy the movement.

17. Host a Comedy Show

Maybe you never realized that at-home comedy helps develop public speaking skills like timing, clear speaking, and self-confidence.

Magic tricks work too. Work together to create a collection of three to five jokes each, and then join the family to enjoy some lighthearted fun.

18. Do a Learning Activity

Engage in fun, hands-on learning activities that secretly give kids extra practice in reading, math, social studies, or STEM concepts.

This is necessary for the child to grow intelligently.

19. Go on a Hunt

Set up an indoor finding game. Create a scavenger hunt-style list of items for your child to find around the house, or design a series of clues leading to a big prize at the end.

20. Make a Friendship Bracelet

Revive the art of making friendship bracelets. Break out embroidery threads and teach your kids how to create stripes, chevrons, and spiral staircases.

You can get a kit for intricate patterns or do it the old-fashioned way.

21. Do a Science Experiment

Do you know you can do a science experiment session with your children? Conduct at-home science experiments with minimal prep, using items found around the house.

22. Bake and Decorate

Use indoor days to get creative in the kitchen. Set up a make-your-own dessert bar with toppings for kids to decorate cupcakes or ice cream sundaes.

23. Have a Tie Dye Party

Have a Tie Dye Party

Have at least basic knowledge about tye and dye, and teach this fun activity to your children. They’ll enjoy creating new shirts, socks, blankets, and pillowcases.

24. Go Bowling

Set up a makeshift bowling alley at home using bottles or cans and a semi-heavy ball.

This family activity will help improve your child’s bowling skills, making them a pro at the lanes.

25. Draw a Chalk Family

For this outdoor game, have your kids lay out on the driveway and use sidewalk chalk to draw one other’s bodies.

Then, use various colors to fill in the silhouettes to produce a one-of-a-kind, life-sized family photo.

26. Sending Cards Among Loved Ones

It is fun to receive cards from a loved one. Technology has made a lot of things seem old-fashioned.

Many people send text through their mobile devices, but then you can still create handmade greeting cards.

It’s a wonderful way to be creative and connect with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while.

27. Play Hide and Seek Games

Hide-and-seek games are popular games among us, you can either choose to play inside the house or extend the game to the backyard.

Hide and seek is a fantastic way to inject some energy and fun into your day.

28. Play Charades

One of the classic games that unites people is charades. Playing charades with the family is always a hit, especially with children.

29. Go to Spa

Treat yourselves to some rest. Visit the spa to get your nail polish, body massage, face masks, and cucumbers for a family spa day.

There are many ways to make it enjoyable for kids too.

30. Learn to Draw Characters

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Learning to draw these characters is a great way to spark creativity.

With plenty of books and videos available online, each family member can become an expert at drawing their favorite character.

31. Have a Costume Night

Bring out old Halloween costumes or create new ones using items you have at home.

This is another great way to enjoy with your children and loved ones

32. Color Together

All you need are crayons or colored pencils and some blank paper to enjoy coloring together.

You can also use coloring books or paint-by-number kits for added fun.

33. Put on a Puppet Show

Make your puppet show. Creating the puppets and writing the story can be a fun and creative activity.

34. Create a Family Tree

Did you lose someone very close to you in your family? Use this opportunity to start a family tree.

Involve the kids by calling relatives. You guys can come together and make it memorable.

35. Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is both fun and a wonderful way to remember the time spent together as a family.

36. Try a New Craft

Nowadays there is a lot of craft work that is paying huge.

Some examples are crocheting, sewing, or beading, there are plenty of crafts to choose from.

37. Go Through Old Family Photos

Browse through your digital photo library or old photo albums to take a trip down memory lane.. Enjoy reminiscing about the good times.

38. Have a Tea Party

Have a Tea Party

Host a fun tea party for the kids with finger foods, invitations for their favorite toys, and your best china.

39. Build a Fort

To make a comfortable fort, gather blankets, pillows, and sheets. Enjoy watching a movie or reading a book inside your fort.

40. Make Rock Candy

You can make rock candy at home, did you know that? Try out that recipe today.

41. Declutter Your House

Cleaning your home might not be fun in the first place, but tidying up your home can turn into a fun competition as everyone sorts through their belongings.

42. Create a Sensory Bin

Fill a container with rice and some small treasures along with a few toys, and you’ll have an instant favorite for the kids.

They can scoop and pour the rice or dig through it to find hidden items like fake bugs, a magnifying glass, and tweezers to “collect” them. Just be prepared to sweep up some spilled rice afterward.

43. Start an Indoor Garden

You don’t need fancy planters to begin gardening; an old egg carton will work just fine.

To make it a STEM activity, give the kids journals to record what they’ve planted and track the garden’s progress.

44. Make Your Own Pizza

Get everyone involved in dinner by providing each family member with personal pizza dough to the top with their favorite ingredients.

45. Do a Yoga Session

Yoga is a fantastic indoor activity to keep everyone energetic.

If you don’t have a routine, try Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube for fun, kid-friendly sessions.

How Can I Make My Family Life Fun?

One of the best ways to bring back the excitement in your home is to schedule conscious time for joyful activities.

This may be a family vacation every year, a monthly movie night, or even a weekly game night.

The secret is to organize fun activities and give them precedence in your family’s agenda.

Including fun family activities in your everyday routine helps to create priceless memories and improve bonds among family members. Whenever you’re lost, refer to our list for a fantastic experience.

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