How much does Costco pay?

How Much Does Costco Pay Customer Service?

How much does Costco pay? Anyone aspiring to work with Costco as staff will want to know how much there is for them to earn before submitting their CV. 

Costco is a wholesale Merchant company with wholesale stores spread across almost every city in the U.S. However, this has been a popularity factor for them and an edge over its rivals.

With Costco’s enormous trading volume, one can easily conclude that they have a handsome payment package for their employees.

Getting the exact value of your potential salary will help you decide whether you still want to take up that job at Costco. 

Here, we will explore the salary structure of the Employee network, giving you simplified details on paid amounts according to job levels.

How Much Does Costco Pay?

Costco pays its employees a minimum wage of $24 per hour. However, this value might change with time as Costco is known for reviewing its workers’ wages upward after certain periods.

For instance, the minimum wage was recorded in 2018 to be $13 per hour. In subsequent months, it experienced an increment of $1 until it got to $17 per hour in 2019.

Also, the increment continued until 2021 when it arrived at $24 per hour. Since then, Costco has not updated its employees’ salaries.

It is also necessary to note that your Costco job role can determine how much you make while working with them. Let us take Costco customer service as a case study.

How Much Does Costco Pay its Customer Service Staff?

Costco Customer Service unit has two sub units which are the Attendant and the Technical support units. These units have different wage levels.

As an Attendant, you will probably earn around $14.22 per hour as your salary. While a Technical support representative earns around $26.29 per hour.

However, you will agree that Costco’s salaries are attractive. This merchant company knows the importance of holding its workforce in high esteem.

Since it is not the only one in the wholesale market, it will want to make its employees happy so that they will not look for better alternatives regarding gainful employment.

Besides Customer Service, there are many other service units and positions at Costco. It will interest you to know the highest paying position at this merchant company.

What Job Pays the Highest at Costco?

While working at Costco, there are 4 highest paying jobs you might be interested in. These jobs include:

  • Staff Pharmacist, 
  • Software Developer, 
  • Membership Marketing Director, and
  • Marketing Representative.

To get full details of the annual salary for these positions, you need to take a close look at the table below:

Job RankJob TitleAverage Anual Costco Wholesale Salary
1Costco Staff Pharmacist$135,373
2Cotco Software Developer$115,268
3Costco Membership Marketing Director$59,469
4Costco Membership Marketing Representative$45,530

From the above table, you can see that there is so much value attached to being a Costco Staff Pharmacist. This position comes with an amazing salary of 135,373 dollars per year.

Well! No one will apply for this position without meeting the criteria. That means you must have received some formal pharmaceutical training before applying to work as a Pharmacist.

In case you are not okay with your potential pay as a Costco employee, you might want to find out if you can negotiate wages with its Human Resources manager.

Can I Negotiate Wages with Costco?

Yes, you can negotiate how much Costco should pay you for working with them. This arises when you think that the pay does not match the level of your skills.

Most people think that Costco will not give them the opportunity to negotiate their pay and do not bother to ask. 

From research, we gathered that 17% of men and 21% of women working at Costco negotiated their salaries. 

Therefore, this makes up for the 38% of people who negotiated their pay at Costco. Also, it is gathered that Costco employees make up to $128,356 per annum.

This makes the wholesale merchant giant rank in the top 5% on the list of merchant companies with high salary rates. 

Having gone through these Costco salary statistics, there is a chance that you would aspire to work at Costco. But then, you might want to know how difficult it is to get hired there.

Is it Hard to Get Hired by Costco?

No, getting hired by Costco is not a hard thing to happen to anyone seeking employment at the giant wholesale firm. 

The most interesting thing about getting a job at Costco Wholesale is that you do not need a high educational qualification to get hired.

Most people get hired without having a High School Diploma Certificate. This is to tell you that Costco does not perform strict screening exercises for staff employment.

Also, the whole hiring process does not take more than two weeks, and the number of interviews ranges from 2 to 3.

After the interviews, you will be asked to go for a drug test, and then undergo an orientation process.

Now, let us assume you have gotten the job and you want to know if Costco will pay you using the time-and-half wage structure on Sundays.


Does Costco Pay Workers Time and a Half on Sundays?

This means that you will earn an extra 50% of your regular salary or more per hour on Sundays. We can say that the nature of sales on Sundays contributes to this kind of pay.

No matter how many hours you work during weekdays, you can still earn more each hour working on Sundays.

So, it would not be a waste of effort if you decide to work on a Sunday. Working on Sunday is not a compulsory task at Costco, that is why you will compensated for your extra time.

Finally, you have been equipped with how much you can earn as a Costco Wholesale employee. However, you should remember that the pay is according to your position in the company.

Also, if you want to earn high at Costco Wholesale, you need to check if you fit into any of its high-paying job positions.

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