How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Target?

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Target?

Target stands tall as a formidable player in the American landscape, commanding a labor force of nearly 450,000 individuals dispersed across a network of over 2,000 establishments nationwide. 

Yet, the question lingers: Does this formidable workforce suffice for the seamless operation of the enterprise? The resounding answer is no.

Given the ever-expanding demand for workers within the business and Target’s dedication to providing opportunities for individuals to earn, one might ponder: How old do you have to be to work at Target?

The age requirement for employment at Target differs based on your region and the laws operating there.

Stay glued as we take you through Target’s hiring process, the requirements for a job at Target, and lots more.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Target?

Target will hire you if you are at least 16 years of age. Please note that the age requirement is important, but, it is not a standard as there are other factors to be considered.

The child labor law governing a certain jurisdiction plays a good role. Also, the job description for open roles could also stand as a deciding factor.

Also, the age requirement for a role in a Target Retail Outlet is 16 years while Target Distribution Center hires at least 18 years old.

Does Target Hire Sixteen-Year-Olds?

Fortunately for adolescents, particularly those at the tender age of 16, Target extends an avenue for them to earn while concurrently honing existing skills or acquiring new ones.

This, however, is not without its caveats. To safeguard these burgeoning talents, Target operates in alignment with the child labor laws of the United States.

These statutes encompass directives such as restricting work hours (with a cap of 40 hours per week) and abstaining from assigning them to tasks involving the handling of weighty loads.

So 16-year-old workers in Target, are only to work three hours on school days and eight hours on non-school days. 

If you ask me, that is fair enough because it gives them time to recharge and not get their little brain cells stressed.

Teen Jobs at Target

Let’s briefly peruse the roles available to teenagers within the precincts of Target.

1. Guest Advocate

Though the name may sound unfamiliar, fear not. This title serves as Target’s distinctive name for the esteemed position of cashier.

For this job, the teen does not need previous work experience. 

All that is needed is the willingness to work as they will be required to stand long hours at the register counter attending to customers.

Proficiency in mathematics is indispensable, to ensure precise tallies at the register. To qualify, aspirants must fall within the age bracket of 16 to 18. Those assuming this role are entitled to a remuneration of $15 per hour.

2. Front-of-Store Attendant

Minors below the age of 18, residing in regions where the cashier role is reserved for those of legal majority, may find their niche in the capacity of the front-of-store attendant, referred to as the cart attendant.

Their role includes the maintenance of parking lots, aiding walk-in clientele, and collecting shopping carts from the expanse of the lot.

To fulfill this role mandates perpetual alertness and proficiency in fundamental communication skills. Compensation for this role stands at $15 per hour.

3. Inbound Expert

These are the stockkeepers of Target, Those who don’t mind working longer on the sales floor and unloading trucks, the arduous task of unloading cargo, and carrying heavy items should consider this job role.

This role carries a higher remuneration of $18 per hour, this is because of its tedious nature.

Proficiency in organizational skills, effective communication, and adept time management are deemed indispensable in this role.

Roles Eligible for Sixteen-Year-Olds

Given their tender age and how fragile they are, Target affords them specific roles that sidestep occupational hazards.

It’s important to note that the availability of a specific job may vary depending on the location and the needs of the store. The job roles available for 16-year-olds are: 

1. Store Associate: Entrusted with the responsibilities of stocking shelves, assisting patrons, and cultivating an environment of cleanliness and orderliness.

2. Cart Attendant: Tasked with the retrieval of shopping carts from the parking lot, ensuring their cleanliness and availability for clientele.

3. Cashier: As cashiers, their purview encompasses the handling of customer transactions, the operation of cash registers, and the provision of affable and efficient service.

4. Sales Floor Team Member: The workers in this role are vested with the duty of aiding patrons, replacing products, and upholding the overall well-being of the sales floor.

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Requirements for Target Employment

Beyond age, there exist laid-down prerequisites that one must satisfy to secure a place within Target’s workforce.

Target mandates the provision of a Social Security number to corroborate identity and facilitate requisite background verifications.

Moreover, at the peak of the hiring process, Target solicits the permanent domicile of the employee to facilitate the completion of necessary documentation.

To be deemed eligible for employment at Target, one must substantiate legal authorization to work within the United States and evince readiness to begin duties within 60 days.

What are the Hiring Stages for Target?

Securing a role, be it temporary or permanent in Target, entails adhering to a meticulous sequence of hiring stages. These stages encompass:

1. Application

The entire recruitment process starts with an online application. Here, prospective candidates are enjoined to peruse the company’s online portal and fill out the application form with the required information.

On the site, applicants will be told to choose their preferred or desired category after which you will be provided with a list of jobs in the category they chose.

2. Evaluation Examination

Post-application, candidates are mandated to undertake an assessment. 

This evaluation seeks to ascertain how aligned the applicant’s values, ethics, and principles are with those of the company, ensuring a fit for the applied role.

Success in this phase guarantees your movement to the stage and places you at a high likelihood of getting the job. 

The examination comes in the form of a questionnaire, comprising 50 inquiries, which will help them analyze the employee’s personality. 

3. Interview

Following the assessment phase comes the interview. Understandably, interviews may evoke fear, yet be reassured. The interview protocol at Target is not as formidable as one might apprehend.

The questions asked during the interview serve as a sieve, winnowing out the most apt contenders. As such, responses should be rendered with a commensurate measure of precision and accuracy.

With judicious preparation and an infusion of confidence, self-awareness, and familiarity with the company’s values, and ethics.

4. The Orientation Stage

If you happen to find yourself at this stage, congratulations! You have moved from being an applicant to being a potential Target employee and you should celebrate yourself for this stride.

You can call this stage the eye-opener stage because you will be educated about the company policies and what will be expected of you in your chosen role. 

Summarily, Target is particular about providing optimum service to their customers and so they take their time in the selection of their employees. 

Pertaining to age, as long as you are up to 16 and above, you are eligible to work at the company. 

So teens who are interested in earning while in school should take advantage of this opportunity by applying for their entry-level jobs. Good luck as you apply. 

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