How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed – 15 Easy Steps

Would you like to know some strategies for beginning the decluttering process when you’re feeling stressed? Making your home a neat, orderly haven doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

You may gradually clear the mess and make the space serene by taking a calculated approach. There are moments when the amount of clutter becomes too much to handle.

It might be difficult to find the zeal to make changes to your house, and you might not know where to begin or what to discard.

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed

These ten suggestions can help you scale back your life, get a fresh start, and open up new opportunities for a more straightforward, energetic lifestyle.

1. Remove the Easiest Things First

Remove the Easiest Things First

Start by looking out for nooks and crannies and pack items you can easily get rid of into bags or boxes.

No tough decisions at this point, just grab the low-hanging fruit. Don’t spend much time on checking one box, just focus on easy ones first.

2. Start Small

Start Small

Decluttering your entire home can feel overwhelming, don’t rush over things. Start small to ease into it. You can start with any room of your choice.

Pick a single drawer, corner, or small space, and set a timer for at least 20 minutes. Pull your trash can over or bring a trash bag to where you’re working and see how much you can get done in the set period.

3. Discard Larger Items

Discard Larger Items

Look for big items that take up a lot of space and put them well.

It’s important to start here since some items, such as cardboard boxes, furniture, and large tools, cannot be disposed of immediately.

By removing the largest items first, you’ll see quick progress in decluttering the space.

4. Make a List

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed - Make a List

Make a list of the rooms and locations you wish to clear and plan your day around them. It will help you be accountable and give direction on where to spend your time.

Examine the parts of your home that require care during cleaning by doing a walk-through before the scheduled day.

Make a note of all the things you want to get rid of in each space, such as outdated food and household products, reorganizing your shelves, clearing out drawers, and inventorying your closet.

5. Fix A Date

fix a date

A calendar at home or on your phone should be your first priority when it comes to saving the date.

Recall that during the decluttering process, we have a lot on our minds, therefore it’s important for us to keep track of everything we do in order not to forget.

It is possible to schedule a day specifically for decluttering. You’ll stay alert throughout the day. Since decluttering your home is planned, you won’t be tempted to put it off with this easy method.

6. Understand What to Expect

Understand What to Expect

It’s crucial to remember that while decluttering, an ordered, spotless space may not always be your final goal, despite your imagination.

As you work, you may become more frustrated because decluttering your home is messy and will initially make your room look worse.

7. Give Yourself Some Free Space

Give Yourself Some Free Space

Allowing yourself to walk around while you work is a crucial step in staying composed and overcoming overwhelming emotions while you declutter and organize your home.

The procedure is stressful and irritating when you trip over objects or can’t see what you’re dealing with.

8. Wardrope Policy

Wardrope Policy

If an item hasn’t been worn in a year, you might not want to use it again.

If giving up some of your wardrobe seems too much to handle, start small with inexpensive, quickly-replaceable items like socks.

Untorn clothes is accepted by many charities, and you can even deduct the donation from your taxes.

9. Don’t Neglect Any Items

Don't Neglect Any Items

Particularly when you live with your family, every property has an owner.

When decluttering your home, take care of other people’s belongings. Ensure that everything is placed back in its proper position.

10. Donate Items

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed - Donate Items

Give certain items to a known local charity of your choice if you don’t need them urgently for your home.

Sometimes there are large or expensive items that you might choose not to take with you.

Don’t add a burden to yourself in the process of selling some of your old stuff, no matter how time-consuming it is.

11. Downsize Your Storage

Downsize your storage

With less space, you’ll find it easier not to hang on to things. Consider moving to a smaller home or an independent living community.

A new beginning with easy access to services, your items can be soul gratifying.

12. Call for Help

call for help

Call for help from friends, family, or kids to beat the frustration of decluttering. If you have children in college, they’re old enough to help.

If you don’t have children, ask a close friend or family member for moral support. Having company is always helpful when trying to get things done.

How to start decluttering when overwhelmed are skills that last a lifetime.

13. Prevent the Mess

prevent mess

After a deep decluttering session, keeping your home well-structured helps prevent a mess from building up again.

Stay organized by having a place for everything and always putting items away.

14. Declutter Everyday

declutter everyday

Declutter a little every day, don’t wait till everywhere gets messed up again. Keep a donate bin in a corner. Consistency is key.

15. Hire a Professional

hire a professional

If you want to avoid the stress of how to start decluttering maybe because of your age or health situations, you can hire a professional organizer.

This is a great option for saving stress and gaining resources from working with a professional.

A professional organizer will ensure everything is in place to help you stay clutter-free.

Where to Begin When Overwhelmed by a Messy House?

Select a starting point.

1. The Floor

To have a comfortable time, clean the living room rug, remove crumbs with a broom, or sit and arrange books.

This can have a significant effect because a messy or congested floor tends to reflect the messiness of everything else in the space.

2. The Kitchen Sink

After loading the dishwasher or washing any dishes in the sink, take time to clean the sink. Dry it up to make sure the sink does not rust.

You can accomplish a clean, sparkling sink really fast and effortlessly, and the satisfaction of finishing the chore will help you go on to the next one.

3. Laundry Hamper

Fill it with a load of laundry first. Your soiled clothes will twirl in the suds, giving you motivation to work on anything else.

4. Empty Your Wallet

Cut up any expired credit cards and store contact details from business cards in your address book or phone. Remove any old receipts you no longer need by shredding or recycling them.

What is the 80-20 Decluttering Rule?

Both large and small homes must abide by this guideline. The 80/20 rule basically states that you should occupy 80% of the room at most and leave the remaining 20% free when you take a break.

In addition to providing visual respite, this open area allows you to add new objects without piling up clutter. Do a small-scale purge every now and again to adhere to the 80/20 rule.

How Do I Stop Feeling Bad About Decluttering?

Consider the advantages of clearing your space. Recalling all the advantages of decluttering your home is a fantastic method to get over the guilt associated with it.

After you tidy up and clear your area, you’ll benefit more than you think. Our mental health is unexpectedly impacted by clutter.

Just being in a stressful situation can make us anxious, agitated, tense, and unable to concentrate.

Beginning to declutter when overwhelmed can sometimes seem difficult at first, but with our straightforward method, it becomes possible. Tackle easy tasks first.

Remember that consistency is key. You can create a neat, orderly in your house with a little effort and patience.

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