Where to Buy King Size Bed Frame

Where Can I Buy King Size Bed Frame?

Where can I buy King Size bed frame? Having a very comfortable bedroom is a dream and goal for everyone who loves good living.

Where Can I Buy King Size Bed Frame?

If you have a big bed to lie on, that means you will need a large bed frame to hold the bed. So, you will not be tempted to keep your bed on the floor.

Having an idea of what the big-size bed frame can do for you is not enough, you need to also to know where to buy this bed frame.

Here, we will guide you on how to find a good furniture outlet where you can buy a big bed frame for your large comfortable bed.

Where to Buy King Size Bed Frames

Whether you want to buy a wood king size bed frame, or you are opting for DIY king size bed frame plans, we will show you where to get them.

Here are some of the best furniture dealers that will give you good deals on any type of king-size bed frame:

1. Amazon Online Furniture Store

You can shop online for your king-size bed frame from a great collection of bedroom furniture on the Amazon website.

If after buying the bed frame, it does not size your king bed, you can return it to the same Amazon store where you bought it within 30 days from the day you got it.

2. Home Depot Bedroom Furniture

There is always a flexible shopping choice at Home Depot. When you buy a king-size bed frame, you can choose to wait at home for it or go to a Home Depot store to pick it up.

Note that the shipping process is completely free, and you can return undersized, oversized, or damaged bed frames within 90 days from the day you bought them.

3. Wayfair Furniture

One furniture store with a large collection of king size bed frames is the Wayfair Furniture Store. You can find bed frames made from different materials ranging from metals to wood.

When you shop for a King Size bed frame on their website, they will deliver it to you for free. The latest the delivery will be is 4 days. You return any unwanted frame within 3o days.

4. Bed Bath and Beyond

As their name implies, Bed Bath and Beyond deals mainly with anything that concerns a bed. No matter the size of your bed, they have the right bed frame for you. Even the king-size bed frame.

After a successful transaction, your delivery comes within 8 to 10 days. This delivery is free. Their return policy allows you to return or exchange bed frames within 90 days.

5. Target Furniture

If you are looking for where to buy king size bed frames at low prices, then you should think of visiting a Target store. But you need to know when Target is closing before visiting.

In case you do not want to visit their physical store, you can shop online at their website if you’re residing in the U.S. and get a free delivery. Also, you can return or exchange in 90 days.

6. Walmart SuperStore

One of the best online stores to shop for bedroom furniture is the Walmart online store. You can save a lot of money while buying a king-size bed frame on their furniture sales web page.

If in any case, you do not find the king bed frame appealing or does not satisfy your desire for quality, you can always exchange it for a better one within 90 days from the day of purchase.

7. Costco Furniture Collection

Improve your bedroom comfort by shopping for that bed frame for your King Bed at Costco wholesale stores. You have a variety of bed frame styles to choose from.

But if you get home and discover that the king-size bed frame is not what you expected, you have the right to exchange it or get a refund within 90 days at the same Costco Location. 

Furthermore, it would interest you to learn about different types of king-size beds. This will help you to shop for the right king-size bed frame.

What are the Types of King Size Beds?

The king bed is typically large. But they come in different styles or types. Here is a list of King Size Beds you would see at a departmental store:

  • Standard King Mattresses (76 x 80 inches)
  • California King Mattresses (72 x 84 inches)
  • Split Kings
  • Wyoming King (84 x 84 inches)
  • Texas King Mattresses (80 x 98 inches)
  • Alberta King Mattresses (96 x 96 inches)
  • Alaskan King Mattresses (108 x 108 inches)

However, when buying a king-size bed frame, you need to check the size of your king bed at home before placing an order or heading to a furniture dealer’s store to buy the bed frame.

Also, you need to pay attention to the return policy of each departmental store of specified furniture stores selling these bed frames, before planning your shopping.

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