How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Kohl's Credit Card?

Is a Kohl’s Card Considered a Typical Credit Card?

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Kohl's Card

If you’ve ever visited Kohl’s, you know it’s a treasure mine of trendy clothes, modern home decor, and cutting-edge technology.

But did you know that possessing the coveted Kohl’s Card can take your shopping experience to a whole new level?

In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the secrets of the Kohl’s Card, exploring its numerous benefits, perks, and insider tips to maximize your savings and elevate your shopping game.

Let’s explore Kohl’s Card and discover how it can become your ultimate savings weapon!

What is a Kohl’s Card?

A Kohl’s Card is a store-branded credit card offered by Kohl’s, one of the leading department store chains in the United States.

How Does the Kohl’s Card Work?

The Kohl’s Card works like any other credit card, however it is only valid at Kohl’s shops and on the Kohl’s website.

It offers several key features:

1. Card Types

Kohl’s offers two main types of cards: the Kohl’s Charge Card and the Kohl’s Charge Card with Rewards.

The regular Charge Card allows you to charge purchases to your card without earning rewards points, while the Charge Card with Rewards provides the opportunity to earn points on purchases and enjoy additional benefits.

2. Exclusive Discounts

The unique discounts and promotions that are constantly provided to cardholders are one of the key benefits of having a Kohl’s Card.

These can range from a percentage off your total purchase to special free shipping offers.

3. Kohl’s Cash

With the Kohl’s Charge Card with Rewards, you can earn Kohl’s Cash on qualifying purchases.

Kohl’s Cash is essentially a store credit that you can use on your next purchase, making it an attractive incentive for frequent Kohl’s shoppers.

4. No Annual Fee

The Kohl’s Card often does not have an annual fee, making it a cost-effective option for customers who frequently shop at Kohl’s.

5. Online Account Management

Cardholders can manage their accounts conveniently online. This feature allows you to check your balance, make payments, and track reward points easily.

6. Special Financing Offers

Kohl’s occasionally offers special financing deals to cardholders, giving them the opportunity to make large purchases with zero or low-interest financing over a set period.


Is a Kohl’s Card Considered a Typical Credit Card?

A Kohl’s card is not considered a typical credit card in the traditional sense. A Kohl’s card is a store credit card, which means it can only be used at Kohl’s department stores or their online platform to make purchases.

It is issued by Kohl’s and often comes with specific benefits and rewards for frequent shoppers at Kohl’s.

Store credit cards like the Kohl’s card typically offer perks such as discounts, special promotions, and rewards points that can be redeemed for future purchases within the store.

However, they usually have higher interest rates compared to regular credit cards.

Also, they may not be as widely accepted as traditional credit cards, which can be used at various merchants and locations worldwide.

Similarities Between Kohl’s Card and Typical Credit Cards

Kohl’s Card and typical credit cards, despite their differences, share several important similarities that are worth considering.

Let’s discuss these common features:

1. Credit Line

One of the fundamental similarities between a Kohl’s card and a typical credit card is the provision of a credit line.

Just like a regular credit card, a Kohl’s card allows cardholders to make purchases up to a predetermined credit limit.

This credit limit is determined by criteria such as a person’s creditworthiness and income.

2. Payment Flexibility

Both Kohl’s card and traditional credit cards provide payment flexibility to cardholders.

They offer the option to make purchases and pay off the balance over time, usually with interest charged on the remaining balance.

This allows customers to buy items immediately and spread the payments over several months, making larger purchases more affordable.

3. Rewards and Benefits

Credit cards, including the Kohl’s card, often come with rewards and benefits programs.

While traditional credit cards may offer cashback, travel rewards, or points that can be redeemed for various rewards, the Kohl’s card provides specific benefits tailored to the Kohl’s store.

These benefits may include exclusive discounts, coupons, early access to sales events, and bonus reward points for Kohl’s purchases.

4. Online and In-store Usage

Both Kohl’s card and traditional credit cards can be used for online and in-store purchases.

While a typical credit card can be used at various merchants worldwide, the Kohl’s card is limited to purchases made exclusively at Kohl’s department stores or their online platform.

However, both types of cards provide the convenience of making purchases in person or online, depending on the customer’s preference.

5. Building Credit History

Another similarity between Kohl’s cards and traditional credit cards is their potential to help build or improve credit history.

Responsible usage of either card can contribute positively to an individual’s credit score.

Making regular payments on time and keeping the credit utilization ratio low demonstrates good credit management practices, which can enhance creditworthiness over time.

Differences Between Kohl’s Card and Typical Credit Cards

Kohl’s Card and typical credit cards differ significantly in several aspects, catering to distinct consumer needs and preferences.

Understanding these differences can help individuals make informed decisions about which type of card best suits their financial goals.

Let’s explore the key disparities between the two:

1. Card Issuer and Acceptance

The most apparent difference between the Kohl’s Card and typical credit cards lies in their issuers and acceptance.

A normal credit card is issued by a bank or financial institution and may be used at a wide range of shops worldwide, both in-store and online.

The Kohl’s Card, on the other hand, is a Kohl’s-branded credit card that can only be used at Kohl’s stores and on their online platform.

This exclusivity means that the Kohl’s Card is not as versatile as traditional credit cards.

2. Credit Limit Usage

Traditional credit cards generally come with higher credit limits compared to Kohl’s Card.

A typical credit card’s credit limit is established by criteria such as the cardholder’s credit history, income, and trustworthiness.

On the other hand, the credit limit on the Kohl’s Card is usually lower and specific to purchases within Kohl’s stores only.

3. Rewards and Benefits

While both the Kohl’s Card and typical credit cards offer rewards and benefits, the nature of these incentives differs significantly.

Typical credit cards often come with diverse rewards programs, such as cashback, travel rewards, points for purchases, and various redemption options.

In contrast, the Kohl’s Card provides rewards and benefits tailored specifically to Kohl’s customers, including exclusive discounts, coupons, and bonus rewards points for Kohl’s purchases.

4. Interest Rates

Interest rates on the Kohl’s Card tend to be higher than those of typical credit cards.

Since store-specific credit cards often target customers with various credit profiles, including those with limited credit history, the interest rates are usually higher to mitigate the lender’s risk.

In comparison, typical credit cards may offer lower interest rates, especially to individuals with good credit scores.

5. Acceptance and Usability

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary limitations of the Kohl’s Card is its restricted acceptance.

It can only be used at Kohl’s stores and their online platform. In contrast, traditional credit cards are widely accepted by numerous merchants worldwide.

This makes them more versatile for everyday spending and travel.

6. Credit Building Potential

Both Kohl’s Card and typical credit cards have the potential to impact your credit history.

Responsible use of either card by making timely payments and keeping credit utilization low can positively influence your credit score.

However, since the Kohl’s Card has limited usability, its impact on overall credit building may be less substantial compared to a typical credit card.


How Much is a Kohl’s Credit Card?

The cost associated with a Kohl’s credit card primarily depends on the fees and interest rates associated with the card.

Here’s a breakdown of the key financial aspects of a Kohl’s credit card:

1. Annual Fee

Unlike many typical credit cards, Kohl’s Credit Card usually does not charge an annual fee.

This feature makes it a cost-effective option for those who primarily shop at Kohl’s and are looking to save on additional expenses associated with credit card ownership.

2. APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

The APR on Kohl’s Credit Card can vary depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness.

However, it’s essential to note that store-specific credit cards like the Kohl’s Credit Card tend to have higher interest rates compared to traditional credit cards from banks or financial institutions.

Kohl’s Credit Card typically ranged from around 24.99% to 27.99%. It’s advisable to pay off the balance in full each month to avoid accruing high-interest charges.

3. Late Payment Fees

If you miss the due date for your Kohl’s Credit Card payment, you will incur a late payment fee.

The exact amount of this fee may vary, but it’s essential to pay on time to avoid unnecessary penalties and preserve your credit score.

How to Avoid Common Kohl’s Card Pitfalls?

Avoiding common Kohl’s Card pitfalls is essential for maintaining a positive financial experience and maximizing the benefits of the card.

Here are some practical tips to help you steer clear of potential traps:

1. High-Interest Rates

One of the primary pitfalls of the Kohl’s Card is its relatively high APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

To avoid accumulating substantial interest charges, it’s crucial to pay your balance in full each month.

Carrying a balance can lead to interest accruing on your purchases, significantly increasing the overall cost of your transactions.

2. Late Payment Fees

Missing the due date for your Kohl’s Card payment can result in late payment fees.

To avoid unnecessary charges and potential damage to your credit score, it’s essential to make payments on time.

Set reminders, utilize automatic payments, or establish a consistent bill-paying routine to ensure you never miss a payment.

3. Impulsive Spending

The convenience of having a Kohl’s Card may tempt you to make impulsive purchases.

It’s crucial to exercise discipline and avoid spending beyond your means.

Create a budget, identify your needs versus wants, and practice mindful spending.

Only use your Kohl’s Card for planned purchases that fit within your financial plan.

4. Limited Usability

The Kohl’s Card has a limited scope of usability, restricted to Kohl’s stores and their online platform.

While this exclusivity might bring benefits if you often buy at Kohl’s, it’s crucial to have a backup alternative for purchases outside of Kohl’s, such as a standard credit card.

This ensures you’re prepared to make transactions wherever you go.

5. Over-reliance on Rewards

The Kohl’s Card offers rewards and benefits, including discounts, coupons, and exclusive promotions.

However, falling into the pitfall of overspending solely to accumulate rewards can lead to unnecessary debt.

Focus on responsible spending and use rewards as a bonus rather than a primary motivator for purchases.

Make sure the rewards align with your shopping needs and utilize them strategically.

6. Not Monitoring Credit Utilization

Maintaining a healthy credit profile requires keeping track of your credit use.

Using a significant amount of your authorized credit limit might have a negative influence on your credit score.

With the Kohl’s Card, which typically has lower credit limits, it’s crucial to be mindful of your usage.

Aim to keep your credit utilization ratio below 30% by managing your spending and paying off balances promptly.

The Kohl’s Card is a valuable tool for avid Kohl’s shoppers, providing discounts, rewards, and exclusive benefits.

However, avoiding common pitfalls associated with this store-specific credit card is essential to maintain financial well-being.

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