Getting a Kohl’s Gift Card: How Can I Buy it?

Among the many gift cards available, Kohl’s gift cards gained popularity due to their versatility and large choice of products.

Kohl's Gift Card

Understanding what Kohl’s gift cards are and how they function will help you make the most of this versatile presenting choice, whether you’re a frequent shopper or seeking the perfect gift.

Kohl’s gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used as a form of payment at any Kohl’s department store or their online platform.

What are the Types of Kohl’s Gift Cards Available?

Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one, treat yourself, or simply explore the world of retail therapy, Kohl’s gift cards offer endless possibilities.

Let us examine the different types of Kohl’s gift cards available:

1. Kohl’s Physical Gift Cards

The classic physical gift card is a timeless option, ideal for those who enjoy the experience of holding a tangible item.

Kohl’s physical gift cards come in a variety of designs to suit different occasions, from birthdays to holidays.

With eye-catching packaging and a range of denominations, these cards allow the recipient to browse the vast selection of merchandise at any Kohl’s store.

2. E-Gift Cards

In the digital age, convenience and speed are key. Kohl’s understands this, which is why they offer e-gift cards for those seeking a seamless and instant gifting experience.

E-gift cards are perfect for last-minute gifts or when you’re unable to physically present a traditional gift card.

You can purchase e-gift cards directly from Kohl’s website or through select online platforms.

They can be emailed to the recipient and redeemed both online and in-store, making it simple for them to enjoy their favorite Kohl’s products.

3. Corporate Gift Cards

Kohl’s also caters to businesses and organizations with their corporate gift card program.

These gift cards serve as excellent rewards for employees, incentives for clients, or prizes for events.

Corporate gift cards from Kohl’s can be customized with company logos or special designs, providing a personalized touch.

Also, they offer volume discounts for bulk orders, making it a cost-effective option for companies looking to show appreciation and build relationships.

4. Wedding and Registry Gift Cards

Kohl’s recognizes that weddings and registries are significant milestones in people’s lives. To celebrate these joyous occasions, they offer wedding and registry gift cards.

These cards allow engaged couples or individuals to curate their dream homes by selecting from a wide range of home essentials, appliances, decor, and more.

Whether they need kitchenware, bedding, or furniture, a wedding or registry gift card from Kohl’s can help turn their house into a warm and inviting home.

5. Kohl’s Cares Gift Cards

Kohl’s Cares is a philanthropic program that aims to improve the well-being of children in local communities.

With Kohl’s Cares gift cards, you can support this initiative while gifting your loved ones.

These special gift cards have a designated value, and all proceeds go towards children’s health and education programs.

By choosing a Kohl’s Cares gift card, you not only bring a smile to the recipient’s face but also contribute to a worthwhile cause.


How Can I Buy a Kohl’s Gift Card?

If you want to purchase a Kohl’s gift card, you have numerous easy options. Let’s explore the various ways you can purchase a Kohl’s gift card:

1. In-Store Purchases

With numerous locations nationwide, chances are there’s a Kohl’s store within reach.

Simply head to the customer service desk or the designated gift card display area within the store.

There, you’ll find a selection of physical gift cards with various designs and denominations.

Choose the one that best meets your needs, check out, and your gift card will be ready to give.

2. Online Purchase on Kohl’s Website

Another popular and convenient option is to buy a Kohl’s gift card online through their official website.

Open your preferred web browser and visit kohls website Navigate to the “Gift Cards” area, which is normally available in the website’s main menu or footer.

When you arrive, you will be given many gift card alternatives, including traditional and e-gift cards.

Follow the checkout process, provide the necessary information, and complete your purchase.

3. Third-Party Retailers

Kohl’s gift cards are available at a variety of third-party stores in addition to directly from Kohl’s. These include supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, and online gift card marketplaces.

Look for a display rack or ask a store associate for assistance in locating the gift cards.

It’s important to note that availability and denominations may vary depending on the retailer.

Always ensure that you are purchasing from authorized sellers to guarantee the validity of the gift card.

4. Mobile Apps and Online Marketplaces

Buying Kohl’s gift cards has grown even easier with the emergence of mobile apps and online markets.

Platforms like Amazon,, and often have Kohl’s gift cards available for purchase.

Simply search for “Kohl’s gift card” on the app or on the website, go over the alternatives, and select the card that best suits your needs.

Follow the payment and delivery procedures, and your gift card will be emailed to you, ready to use.

What are the Benefits and Uses of Kohl’s Gift Cards?

What are the Benefits and Uses of Kohl's Gift Cards?

Kohl’s gift cards provide a range of benefits and uses, making them an ideal option for any occasion

Below are the advantages and various ways to use Kohl’s gift cards:

1. Flexibility in Selection

With a Kohl’s gift card in hand, recipients have the freedom to explore and select items from various departments within the store.

Kohl’s has something for everyone, whether they are fashionistas, home decorators, or beauty experts.

2. Online and In-Store Redemption

Kohl’s gift cards can be used both online and in-store, offering convenience and flexibility to the recipients.

If they want to shop from home, they can go to the official Kohl’s website and enter the gift card during the online checkout procedure.

On the other hand, if they enjoy the traditional shopping experience, they can visit any Kohl’s store and present the physical gift card at the register.

This versatility allows recipients to choose the shopping method that suits them best.

3. Sales, Discounts, and Deals

Kohl’s is well-known for its frequent sales, discounts, and promotional offers, all of which can boost the value of a Kohl’s gift card.

Recipients can use these deals to boost the value of their gift cards.

Whether it’s holiday promotions or exclusive discounts for Kohl’s cardholders, the gift card recipient can make the most of their shopping experience and potentially save more money.

4. Easy Returns and Exchanges

Another advantage of using Kohl’s gift cards is the hassle-free return and exchange policy.

In case the recipient needs to return or exchange an item purchased with a gift card, Kohl’s provides a smooth process.

They can visit any Kohl’s store and receive a refund or exchange, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

5. Special Occasions and Celebrations

Kohl’s gift cards are an excellent choice for special occasions and celebrations.

With a Kohl’s gift card, the recipient can select the ideal present for any special occasion, including a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other celebration.

It eliminates the guesswork of selecting the ideal present while ensuring the recipient receives something they genuinely want.

6. Personalization and Customization

Kohl’s gift cards can be personalized and customized to add a personal touch to the gift.

When you buy a gift card from Kohl’s website, you can usually select from a variety of styles and add a unique inscription.

This customization option makes the gift card more meaningful and thoughtful.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Kohl’s Gift Card?

The amount of time it takes to get a Kohl’s gift card can change depending on how you get it.

Here are a few common ways to obtain a Kohl’s gift card and the associated timeframes:

1. Physical Gift Card Purchased In-Store

If you purchase a physical Kohl’s gift card from a Kohl’s store, you will normally receive it quickly.

The process is simple and easy, and you can have the gift card in your hands right immediately.

2. Physical Gift Card Purchased Online

If you buy a Kohl’s gift card from the Kohl’s website or another online merchant, the delivery time will be determined by the shipping option you choose at the time of checkout.

Standard shipping usually takes 3 to 7 business days, however expedited shipping options can have the gift card delivered in as little as 1 to 3 business days.

3. E-Gift Card

Kohl’s also offers e-gift cards that can be sent electronically via email.

E-gift cards are a great choice for last-minute gifts or when you prefer a digital version because they are often delivered practically quickly or within a few hours after the transaction is made.

How to Manage and Redeem Kohl’s Gift Cards

The following is a step-by-step guide to managing and redeeming Kohl’s gift cards:

1. Checking the Balance

You can quickly check your balance by going to Kohl’s website or calling their customer service number.

This stage ensures that you have a clear grasp of the cash available for your purchases.

2. In-Store Redemption

You can quickly redeem your Kohl’s gift card if you prefer the traditional in-store shopping experience.

Visit a Kohl’s store in your area and make your selections, and give the gift card to the cashier, who will scan it or manually input the card number.

Your transaction will be boosted by the available balance, and any outstanding balances can be settled with cash or a credit card.

3. Online Redemption

Kohl’s provides a quick and uncomplicated way to redeem gift cards on their website for the convenience of online purchasing.

Look for the option to enter your gift card information, usually located in the payment section.

Enter the gift card number and, if prompted, the associated PIN. By pressing “Apply” or “Redeem,” the remaining value on your gift card will be subtracted from the total of your order.

4. Mobile App Redemption

You may also maintain and use your Kohl’s gift card through their mobile app if you’re a tech-savvy shopper.

Download and set up the Kohl’s app on your tablet or phone. Then proceed to the payment page after choosing the things you want and adding them to your shopping cart.

Find the place to enter your gift card details, then adhere to the instructions to use the money.

5. Combining Multiple Gift Cards

If you have multiple Kohl’s gift cards, you can easily consolidate their balances for a single purchase.

Enter the gift card numbers and PINs (if any) for each card you plan to use throughout the payment process.

The available balances will be combined, allowing you to make a larger purchase or cover the entire cost of your selected items.

6. Partial Redemption

Don’t be concerned if your gift card balance is insufficient to cover the total purchase amount.

Kohl’s supports partial redemption, which means you can utilize the remaining balance on your gift card and pay the remainder with a credit card or cash.

This flexibility ensures you can get the items you want without any hassle.

7. Gift Card Management

It is important to protect your Kohl’s gift card in order to have a pleasant shopping experience.

Treat it as you would cash, as lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced.

Store your gift card in a safe place and keep track of the remaining balance periodically.

By managing your gift card responsibly, you can maximize its value and enjoy the convenience it provides.

Kohl’s gift cards offer flexibility and convenience for shoppers looking to explore a wide range of products. Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, storing and redeeming Kohl’s gift cards is simple.

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