How Do I Find a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Where can I buy a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? In this modern age where gaming has changed, wireless switch controllers have come to spice up your video gaming.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Gone are those days when game switch controllers were plugged into a gaming device before you could enjoy playing the game.

Nintendo is one of the companies that is always there to improve your gaming experience with their Switch wireless Pro Controller.

Here, we will show you where to buy this awesome wireless switch pro controller for your gaming adventures.

Where to Buy a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

There are many online and offline shops where you can find a Nintendo Switch Pro controller including the Nintendo online retail store.

Here is a list of places where you can buy a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to spice up your gaming adventure:

1. Nintendo Online Store

You can buy the wireless Switch Pro controller on Nintendo’s online gaming store for just $69.99. 

Choose the quantity you want to buy and click on the ADD TO CART button. You can click on FIND RETAILERS to buy from a nearby electronic store.

2. Amazon Gaming Store

You can order the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on the Amazon gaming sales page and have it shipped to you no matter your destination.

To buy this video game switch controller on  Amazon, you will have to budget around $68, excluding shipping. However, the shipping fee differs depending on your location.

3. Walmart Stores

Another place to find the video game switch controller is the Walmart Store. You can buy any Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on their website for $67.95 despite the color.

You have different delivery options to choose from. Whether you want it at your residence or you want to go to the nearest Walmart Supercenter to pick it up.

4. Target Corporate Electronics

At Target Corporate, you can buy the video game wireless Switch Pro controller for as low as $69.99 with free delivery to residents within the United States of America.

It is essential to note that this online shopping platform is accessible to those living in the United States.

Now that you know where to buy a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for your video gaming adventures, it would be also helpful to know if it is worth your money.

Is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Worth it?

Yes, if you are planning to buy a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, then you are about to make the best decision concerning enhancing your video gaming experience.

When playing a game using this video game switch Pro Controller, you have a great chance of having a comfortable grip on the gamepad which improves your gaming experience.

If you want to get the best switch controller for all types of video gaming, then you should choose the Pro switch controller.

Also, it will interest you to know that this video game switch controller connects well to a TV and other large-screen devices like the PC.

How Can I Connect Nintendo Switch Controller to PC?

How Can I Connect Nintendo Switch Controller to PC?

To connect your Nintendo video game switch controller to a Personal Computer, you need to take the following steps:

1. Plug a Data Cable to the Pro Controller

Plug in any type of data cable to the Pro Switch Controller. This could be a Type A, B, or C USB data cable.

2. Connect to the PC

Plug the bigger end of the USB cable into the supported USB port of the PC. When you do this, the Windows operating system will automatically detect the Switch Pro controller.

How Long Does the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Last?

Every wireless device works with a battery cell. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a wireless gaming accessory that works with a battery.

Most gamers often wonder how long will a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s battery last when it is fully charged.

When you charge the battery of this switch controller to 100%, it will last approximately 40 hours. However, this is not an assured battery life.

The duration of the battery power can be shorter than that estimated above depending on the kind of game you are playing or the type of device you are connecting it to.

Also, let us learn about what can damage a Switch Pro Controller’s battery which will help you learn how to extend its battery life.

What Can Damage a Switch Controller Battery?

If you are not charging the battery for a long time, it could damage it without your notice. When you keep on playing a game despite the low battery warning from the controller.

Doing this continually will lead to the degradation of the battery thereby affecting its overall power performance.

Most battery types like Lithium Batteries have a limited lifespan, and as such should not be handled recklessly.

If your game Switch Pro Controller is not working as usual, you need to learn how to reset it properly so that you will not worsen the situation.

How Can I Reset a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

After experiencing a series of glitches with the Switch Pro Controller, what will trouble you is how to fix this bug.

The best way to fix this bug is by resetting the Video game Switch Pro Controller. Follow the steps below to reset the Pro Controller:

1. Push the SYNC Button only once.

2. Press any button on the controller preferably the A button to reboot the device.

3. Use a different USB charging cable or even a different dock.

So, if your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is misbehaving, you do not have to panic or worry about it.

However, you can find a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at retail stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Nintendo.

Also, you can decide to buy online by visiting their official websites to place an order for that awesome wireless game Switch Pro Controller by Nintendo.

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