Where to Find Outdoor Furniture Near Me

30 Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Near Me

Where can I find durable outdoor furniture near me? Outdoor furniture is a tool that enhances our daily pleasure. We most times want to sit outside to get a clear view of nature.

However, not every type of furniture can resist the extreme cold temperature outside your house. Some will fade if there is much exposure to water or a wet environment.

To get outdoor furniture, it will be best to shop for them at a nearby furniture shop. The difficulty of finding a local furniture dealer could depend on your location.

Here, we will help you ease the process of finding a nearby furniture dealer outlet where you can buy durable outdoor furniture sets.

30 Most Recommended Outdoor Furniture Near Me

Among many furniture dealers, we’ve selected some trusted dealers that will give you the best deal on any outdoor furniture you’ll love to buy.

Here are some of the best furniture outlets where you can find durable outdoor furniture at affordable prices:

1. Costco Outdoor Furniture

Costco Outdoor Furniture

Entertain your guests and your family with that comfortable outdoor furniture from Costco. They have weather-resistant pieces of furniture like chaise lounges, tables, and dining sets.

The overall price range for each piece of furniture you see at Costco is approximately $25 to $1000 and even more depending on the quality of the furniture.

Places to Order:

2. Outdoor Furniture by Outer Co.

Outdoor Furniture by Outer Co.

Outer Furniture Company has made one of the best collections of outdoor furniture you would ever find in the furniture market. These outdoor furniture sets are made from recycled materials.

It will interest you to know that they designed their products to be durable, having a classic style at the same time.

Places to Order:

3. Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture

Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture

Depending on what you want in outdoor furniture, Pottery Barn’s outdoor furniture collection has a large scope of furniture sets for your outdoor pleasure.

The Pottery Barn outdoor furniture comes in different designs, many of which are usually durable and water-resistant.

Places to Order:

4. Castlery Durable Outdoor Furniture

Castlery Durable Outdoor Furniture

Going through Casterley’s collection of outdoor furniture sets is such a delight. You can pick a piece of outdoor furniture from the Casterly furniture collection depending on your taste in quality.

These furniture sets are made from natural materials like strong wood and some waterproof materials to extend their lifespan.

Places to Order:

5. Yardbird Eco-friendly Furniture

Yardbird Eco-friendly Furniture

Yardbird eco-friendly outdoor furniture sets are made from recycled materials. The durability of this furniture shows the commitment of the manufacturer to satisfy her clients.

Yardbird Furniture collection has several durable outdoor furniture sets to meet your need for long-lasting furniture for your backyard.

Places to Order:

6. Rove Concepts Outdoor Furniture

Rove Concepts Outdoor Furniture

If you are looking for outdoor furniture sets that will withstand harsh weather conditions, then your furniture sets from Rove Concepts are what you need.

Getting a piece of Rove Concepts outdoor furniture for your garden will give it a beautiful look that will invite admirers.

Places to Order:

7. Industry West Outdoor Furniture

 Industry West Outdoor Furniture

Make your garden more relaxing with Industry West outdoor furniture sets. Apart from providing comfort, products from Industry West can add beauty to your yard.

What clients love about products from this brand is their durability. They have a piece of outdoor furniture for every style you would think of.

Places to Order:

8. West Elm Outdoor Furniture

West Elm Outdoor Furniture

West Elm has been a great name concerning furniture sets for living rooms and dining rooms. They also have the same polarity in the outdoor furniture market.

If you are looking for luxurious outdoor furniture sets for your backyard, then this piece of outdoor furniture is the best choice for you.

Places to Order:

9. Outdoor Furniture by Serena and Lily

Outdoor Furniture by Serena and Lily

This is one of the best all-weather outdoor furniture out there. It is made from high-performing fabrics.

It comes in different styles to suit your taste of design for that relaxation spot in your backyard.

Places to Order:

10. Wayfair Outdoor Furniture

Wayfair Outdoor Furniture

One of the most comfortable and affordable pieces of outdoor furniture is that from Wayfair company. You can buy this furniture for as low as $49.

You can get any outdoor furniture of your choice without sweeping your wallet clean or going against your low-budget plan.

Places to Order:

11. Neighbor Versatile Outdoor Furniture

Neighbor Versatile Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking for a piece of multipurpose outdoor furniture? Look no further as this versatile outdoor furniture serves this purpose.

They have awesome designs that will meet your relaxation needs. Neighbor Furniture made this outdoor furniture piece with fast-drying foams and good fabrics.

Places to Order:

12. Hay Coated Steel Outdoor Furniture

Hay Coated Steel Outdoor Furniture

Although the Hay coated steel outdoor furniture does not have too many designs to choose from, you can still make good choices from the available designs.

This piece of outdoor furniture not only features its durability but presents a collection of beautiful colors to choose from.

Places to Order:

13. Terrain Outdoor Furniture

Terrain Outdoor Furniture

This furniture is the best outdoor furniture to think of if you are looking for a way to make your garden or your home a very inspiring place.

You can make the decoration stylish by choosing from the terrain’s large collection of amazing outdoor furniture collection.

Places to Order:

14. Outdoor Furniture by CB2

Outdoor Furniture by CB2

Let’s say you want to set up a family sitout or a large sit out that can accommodate a good number of visitors, this outdoor furniture by CB2 can meet this need.

You can always bring your outdoor space to life by decorating it with this beautiful outdoor furniture.

Places to Order:

15. Outdoor Furniture by Lulu and Georgia

Sometimes, you might want to sit outside to have a quiet time. But, you do not want to sit on just any type of outdoor stool, and you need something unique.

Every piece of outdoor furniture from Lulu and Georgia is a special one. They all look like something you ordered straight from the manufacturer as per customized designs.

Places to Order:

16. Anthropologie Outdoor Furniture

Anthropologie Outdoor Furniture

Ranging from mosaic tabletops to ceramic stools, this outdoor furniture manufacturer has a collection of wonderful sets of outdoor furniture to meet your style.

You can sit and relax outside your house using their outdoor chair. Picking a piece of outdoor furniture from this collection is the best decision regarding how to design your leisure garden.

Places to Order:

17. DWR Outdoor Furniture

DWR Outdoor Furniture

Pieces of furniture from DWR are the best choice if you are looking for sophisticated outdoor furniture.

This furniture brand has unique designs that are attributed to them. You can get any piece of outdoor furniture you desire from the DWR furniture collection.

Places to Order:

18. Horchow Outdoor Furniture

Horchow Outdoor Furniture

Looking towards beautiful outdoor furnishings? You can always count on Howrchow’s Outdoor furniture collection.

This collection has different designs like the Bernhardt, Mackenzie-Childs, Latique, and Palecek. Also, they have styles like the Lanterns, Pendants, and Ceiling Mounts.

Places to Order:

19. Outdoor Furniture by Arhaus

Outdoor Furniture by Arhaus

If you are concerned about harmonizing your garden, you can check out the collection of outdoor furniture at Arhaus.

This collection offers great furniture designs that can serve a lot of leisure purposes like having a cocktail with friends or a picnic with your family.

Places to Order:

20. Outdoor Furniture by Crate and Barrel

Outdoor Furniture by Crate and Barrel

When it comes to outdoor furnishing, Crate and Barrel is always there to provide clients with durable outdoor furniture.

These pieces of outdoor furniture can serve the purpose of helping you have a nice time in your backyard for as long as you still have them.

Places to Order:

21. Blu Dot Outdoor Furniture

Blu Dot Outdoor Furniture

Imagine how exciting it will be to get something that looks like an artwork in your garden. They are not artwork but useful tools for your relaxation.

This is one outdoor furniture collection that has received a lot of positive reviews from customers for durability and unique designs.

Places to Order:

22. Outdoor Furniture by Article

Outdoor Furniture by Article

When you are thinking about which brand will give you that outdoor furniture that has both durable and water-resistant features, you should try checking out Article Company.

They make their outdoor furniture from durable raw materials like Sunbrella fabrics, rattan, aluminum, and acacia.

Places to Order:

23. OKA Outdoor Furniture

OKA Outdoor Furniture

Style your relaxation center or your garden with this British outdoor furniture from OKA. It is not just about the style of this furniture but also the durability.

One of the most promising outdoor furniture collections at OKA is the Ellary Armchair. This collection features chairs that can give you a comfortable outdoor reading experience.

Places to Order:

24. Target Outdoor Furniture

Target Outdoor Furniture

Where to get affordable patio furniture near you can most times be a major concern. This is because you will always want to get quality pieces of sitting stuff at low prices.

The outdoor furniture collection at Target has everything you need to decorate your outdoor space on a low budget.

Places to Order:

25. Etsy Outdoor Furniture Sets

Target Outdoor Furniture

Apart from buying the regular pattern of furniture sets, you can choose to get unique and creative designs of patio furniture.

You can get the exact style of furniture that you have in your head. All you need is to choose your preferred style and have it carved out for you.

Places to Order:

26. Goodee Outdoor Furniture

Goodee Outdoor Furniture

Another product of unique crafting is the Goodee outdoor furniture. Although their furniture sets might look small, they are very strong.

Everything about Goodee is natural. They craft their furnishing sets from durable natural raw materials.

Places to Order:

27. Amazon Patio Furniture

Amazon Patio Furniture

From a collection that has more than twenty thousand pieces of patio furniture, you can choose budget-friendly furniture for your outdoor space.

You do not have to expect a piece of furniture to last forever. However, Amazon has a collection of durable outdoor furniture sets.

Places to Order:

28. Walmart Outdoor Furniture Sets

Walmart Outdoor Furniture Sets

Whether you want outdoor dining sets, rugs, plants, or any piece of furniture, you can always check the Walmart Outdoor furniture collection.

One interesting thing about Walmart Furniture sets is that they are less expensive. You can buy any Walmart Patio furniture without going bankrupt.

Places to Order:

29. Outdoor Furniture by Living Spaces

Outdoor Furniture by Living Spaces

Let’s say you are ready to take your home’s outdoor space to the next level, you will need to go for some pieces of outdoor furniture by Living Spaces.

They have plenty of outdoor decorations like umbrellas, area rugs, lanterns, lights, and planters.

Places to Order:

30. Sundays Co. Outdoor Furniture

Sundays Co. Outdoor Furniture

Sunday Company is one of the best when it comes to manufacturing durable and beautiful outdoor sofas.

Their happy hour collection has patio furniture sets that can withstand any kind of weather. They are made from waterproof materials and do not fade easily.

Places to Order:

Now that you know about some durable outdoor furniture sets and where to get them, you can go ahead and make plans to decorate your backyard with relaxing outdoor furniture.

Also, remember to always look out for either Cast Aluminium or Cast Iron outdoor furniture sets as they are the most durable outdoor furniture for your garden.

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