Where to Shop Lipstick Set Near Me

Where Can I Shop Lipstick Set Near Me?

Where can I shop lipstick set near me? Lipsticks have been a vital beauty companion to most ladies as they help to keep the lips moist and protected from drying up.

Locating a local beauty supply store can most times take a lot of work. However, this depends on the region in which you are residing.

It is essential to refill your lipstick set especially when you are out of stock. Most times you might not need to wait till your lipstick pack is empty before shopping for it.

Here, we will show you how to find a beauty supply store near you where you can shop for a lipstick set, thereby saving costs on transportation.

Where to Shop Lipstick Set Near Me

There are many beauty supply stores where you can shop for lipstick sets nearby. One of these days you can come across departmental stores like Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Kohl’s, etc.

You can confirm whether they have what you want to buy before visiting any of these retail stores to buy it.

Now, let us discuss these departmental stores and how you can locate them in your region to make shopping for that lipstick set an easy one.

Here are some of the beauty supply stores you can find in your area if you are living in the United States:

1. Target Corporate Stores

Target Corporate

To locate a Target Store close to you, simply search ‘Target Corporate” on Google Maps. A list of its branches close to your residence will pop up.

You can shop at Target for your cosmetics lipstick set a low prices. Also, you can choose the type of delivery that will meet your urgency if you are shopping online.

You can explore their official website if you want to get information on the price range of these cosmetics or place an order for a set of your favorite lipstick products.

It is important to note that their website is only accessible to those who are living in the United States of America.

2. Macy’s Fashion Store

Macy’s Fashion Store

Anything relating to beauty and fashion is available at the Macy’s Fashion Store. Locate a Macy’s store using your location on Google Maps.

This fashion departmental store deals in a scope of fashion products ranging from dresses to cosmetics like lipsticks.

One of the famous lipstick sets you will find in a Macy’s store is the 2 piece Sigma Beauty Disney Cinderella Lip Duo which is selling for $29.00.

One of the interesting facts about shopping at Macy’s stores is that you can buy whatever you want at an affordable price including a set of lipsticks.

3. Walmart Stores

Walmart Stores

After getting the address of the closest Walmart store on Google Maps, you can walk into the store to choose from a variety of lipstick products available at the store.

Apart from shopping at their physical stores, you can decide to shop online through their official website.

The cheapest product on their lipstick sales page is the Blissful Berry (Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Finish Lipstick) which is selling for $2.74.

You can use the brand finder on the left menu of the site to search for your favorite lipstick brand.

When you place an order for the lipstick set online, you can choose how fast you will want to receive the cosmetic product.

4. Kohl’s Stores

Kohl’s Stores

You can buy a variety of lipstick products at Kohl’s. These include the Lipstories Lipstick Set (SEPHORA Collection), and NARS Mini Afterglow Lip Balm Duo.

You can get the exact location of a Kohl’s store if it is available in your area by using Google Maps. Click on the DIRECTION buttons to navigate your way down to the store.

All cosmetic lipstick products are selling below $50 which makes it very affordable. The quality of these lipsticks is what you will always appreciate.

To get full details on their retail price, you can click on the Retailer option on the left menu bar which will display lipstick sets and their retail prices.

Click Add to Cart for the lipstick set you choose to buy online if you want to shop from home. Go to the session that has the caption “How do you want to shop today?”.

Push the ADD ADRESS button to enter your residential address to help Walmart successfully ship the cosmetic product to you.

Furthermore, it will interest you to know the best brand of lipstick in the cosmetic market before hitting a beauty supply shopping mall.

What are the Best Lipstick Brands?

Buying what will do your lips well should be the first thing to aim for when planning to shop for a lipstick set at any beauty store.

Here are some of the cosmetic brands that give you the best lipsticks for your lips:

1. Chanel Cosmetics

This cosmetics dealer allows you to choose from a scope of cosmetic products available at their retail stores.

They sell products you can use for the face, lips, eyes, and nails. When you buy online, they will ship your order to you for free within 1 to 7 days.

Also, you can return products that do not meet your standards within 14 days from the days you bought or received them.

2. Maybelline Lipstick

Are you looking for dramatic reds or purples for a night outing or beautiful pinks for a job interview? You need to get the Maybelline lipstick.

They have the best color for your skin and your outfit. You can moisturize your lips with their liquid lipstick collection.

Most amazingly is the virtual feature on their website that allows you to test-run the looks of the lipstick before placing an order for it.

3. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick

If you want to rock a matte lipstick on your lips, you will have to choose from a list of MAC cosmetics lipsticks.

This list includes products like Velvet Teddy, Chili, and Mehr. Also, if you want to use satin lipstick, they have products like the Twig and Faux.

Your desire to use something that will make you feel comfortable will be fulfilled by using lipsticks from this brand.

4. Lancome Lipstick

Whether you are looking for a creamy, natural, or soft matte lipstick, you always rely on this cosmetic brand for your lipstick supplies.

No matter how much you spend on shopping for lipstick, there is no shipping fee from this cosmetic dealer. 

For instance, spending over $100 buying a lipstick set will still come with free shipping. 

If you have any problem with the quality of the lipstick, you can return it within 30 days counting from the day you got the cosmetic product.

Finally, you have gotten answers to the question “Where can I shop lipstick set near me?” as we have listed out the best places to buy a lipstick set in your neighborhood.

Also, while shopping, it is important to look out for the best brand of lipstick at any nearby beauty store you are visiting.

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