40 Simple Things to Enjoy in Life That are Free

Life is full of simple joys that can bring immense happiness without costing a thing. Even though there will always be good and bad moments in life, we shouldn’t completely lose up on our goals.

We’ve outlined several easy activities to make your life happier and feel more at peace and pleased.

Without further ado, here are 40 easy things you can do to make your life happier.

Simple Things to Enjoy in Life

What are the Simple Things to Enjoy in Life?

Go through this list to discover the things that will make you happy;

1. Music

You can’t mention some of the simple things to enjoy in life and you take music out of it. Music unites us all, no matter our culture or preferred genre. Regardless of our culture or favorite genre, music connects us all.

Do you know what amazed me most? Listening to music will improve your blood flow, also reduces cortisol, lower cholesterol levels, and slows down the heart rate.

Nowadays, you can access free music streaming services like YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. To add to that, use a good music system to enjoy your music.

2. Seeing a Gentle Snowfall

Winter’s first snowfall creates a serene and clean world.  There’s something unique about feeling the snow falling.

But not everyone will find success with this. Enjoy the flakes from the warmth of your home with a hot drink and good music.

3. Reading a Good Book

Reading may not be a hobby for many people. However, for readers, it’s an opportunity to finally go through those unread novels on the shelf.

You can join your reading partner with an interesting novel or you can search online for free e-books or visit libraries to borrow books without stress.

Reading makes the mind relax while concentrating on the main character.

4. Watching the Sunrise or Sunset

Nature offers some of the best simple pleasures, like the captivating colors of a sunrise or sunset.

You can stay in your backyard or balcony to watch the beautiful flash of nature, the feeling that comes with it is extraordinary. Pictures during this time are always the best of quality.

To make it more fun, invite your family and loved ones, a simple gathering can transform your sorrows into laughter.

5. Making a Home-Cooked Meal

Have you ever experienced disappointment from not knowing how to cook? Knowing how to cook a good meal is a universal pleasure.

Use pantry ingredients to create delicious meals, and enjoy the process of cooking and sharing food. 

6. Seeing a Gentle Snowfall

Winter’s first snowfall creates a serene and clean world.  There’s something unique about feeling the snow falling.

But not everyone will find success with this. Enjoy the flakes from the warmth of your home with a hot drink and good music.

7. Decluttering Your Space

Decluttering reduces stress and makes your home feel organized and peaceful. Donate or sell items you no longer need and enjoy the simplicity of a tidy space.

8. Watching Flowers Bloom in Spring

Spring’s blooms are a delight. Some people will have a flower garden in their home even when there are not Anthophile.

However, it is not bad to work around your environment and discover different flowers, enjoying their delicate details and fragrances. You could even plant your own garden if you didn’t have one. 

9. Making a Home-Cooked Meal

Have you ever experienced disappointment from not knowing how to cook? Knowing how to cook a good meal is a universal pleasure.

Use pantry ingredients to create delicious meals, and enjoy the process of cooking and sharing food. 

10. Spending Time with Loved Ones

Sometimes, all you need for a great day is the company of family and friends. Do you have friends who stay around your vicinity? You guys can plan picnics together.

People can also plan activities like games together to create lasting memories. Ask your friends what they love and enjoy those things together.

11. Foraging for Berries or Mushrooms

Foraging connects us to ancient traditions of gathering nature’s bounty. It’s fun and useful as long as you’re cautious about what you eat.

It has antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are known to improve health and should be a vital component of any diet.

12. Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness focuses on the senses, helping you slow down and fully experience life.

It’s a great way to connect with yourself and enhance your awareness of the present moment.

13. Drinking a Cold Glass of Water

When you wake up in the morning, drink two to three cups of water in the morning.

You can take another 2 to 3 in the afternoon especially on a hot day or after working out.

14. Finishing a Workout

Finishing a Workout

Pushing through a tough workout can be challenging, but the endorphins and sense of accomplishment are unbeatable. Find a workout that will help you keep fit.

15. Catching Up with an Old Friend

Have you been home for some days and you are bored, why not reconnect with an old friend, even after years?

Reach out, share a memory, and be happy again. They are valuable friendships that enrich life.

16. Getting a Great Night of Sleep

Health and well-being depend on getting a good night’s sleep. Adhere to recommendations for good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding gadgets in the bedroom and setting a regular bedtime. 

17. Making a Bucket List

It’s exhilarating to dream about adventures to come because it helps you see your objectives clearly.

Make a list of the destinations you want to see, the activities you want to attempt, and the goals you are interested in achieving.

18. Driving with Your Windows Down

On a warm day, driving with the windows down and your favorite music playing makes you feel bird of the sky.

Though not completely free due to gas costs, it’s a refreshing way to run errands.

19. The Ambiance of a Rainy Day

Rainy days create a homey, nostalgic feel. Savor the sound of falling rain, the clean aroma that follows, and the coziness of staying inside with a book or an umbrella for a stroll.

20. Taking a Long Shower or Bath

Did you know that taking a relaxing bath can make your day feel happier? After a long day, a relaxing bath or shower can help you feel refreshed.

Use your preferred shampoos and soaps, and for an added luxurious touch, think about adding a bath bomb.

21. Walking Barefoot in the Grass 

Walking Barefoot in the Grass 

Walking barefoot on the grass can be relaxing and grounding. Just watch out for bees.

22. Making Someone Smile

Small acts of kindness, like compliments or jokes, can brighten someone’s day. Aim to make at least one person smile daily.

23. Searching for the Best Fall Foliage

Autumn’s vibrant colors are a sight to behold. Explore trails to find the best views and consider learning about the different trees you see.

24. Having a Bonfire with Friends

Bonfires usually make sense during Autumn and late summer. Enjoy warm beverages and roasted marshmallows while alfresco.

It’s a comfortable method to hang out with friends. Try not to let your kids get too close to the fire if you go with them. 

25. Taking a Beautiful Photo

Capture life’s simple pleasures with photos, but balance it with living in the moment. Limit your pictures to a few per location to fully enjoy the experience.

26. Stargazing on a Clear Night

Stargazing is a humbling experience that reminds us of our place in the universe.

Find a dark sky location or stargaze from your backyard, identifying constellations.

27. Looking Back at Old Photos

Looking Back at Old Photos

Looking at old pictures of memories makes one happy and nostalgic. Spend some time looking through picture albums or reminiscing on social media.

28. Watching Ocean Waves Crash

The ocean’s beauty and strength captivate us. Come to the beach in the off-season to take some peace while thinking and gazing out at the waves.

If you brought your kids, ensure they were monitored carefully or that you kept an eye on them to ensure they stayed away from the water’s edge.

29. Volunteering for a Good Cause

You don’t lose anything by being of service to others. Serving others is rewarding. Support local NGOs or community projects.

You will experience the joy of making other people happy in the future.

30. Writing or Journaling

When it comes to creative endeavors like writing, the only cost is time. Explore your ideas and thoughts by starting a notebook or working on a story to tell.

With just a pen and paper, many bookwriters can earn a handsome living.

31. Watching a Great Movie or Show

Relax with a good movie or show, which you can find for free or cheaply through various platforms like Netflix, showmax, and others.

Watching movies with close friends and family members may be an excellent way to bond or have thought-provoking discussions. There are a few excellent, motivational films too. 

32. Learning Something New

Learning is a fulfilling and enriching experience. Learn new things by enrolling in free online courses, watching educational videos, or picking up tips from others.

It won’t take your time, you can watch these educational videos from the comfort of your home office or anytime you have a chance.

33. Playing a Game

Are you a type that doesn’t love outdoor activities but yet wants to enjoy the simple things of life? Games are great, especially when it comes to encouraging creative thinking.

You can spend time with friends and family playing games, it could be sports, cards, or board games, these are fun and often free if you already have the equipment.

Host a game night or challenge your household to a friendly competition.

34. Watching Birds and Wildlife

Watching Birds and Wildlife

It is both enjoyable and soothing to watch animals. Embrace simple pleasures like spending time with dogs, visiting wildlife preserves, and birdwatching.

35. Sipping Coffee in the Morning

Quit waking up with cigarettes or any other hard substances. Have you tried going to the gym or getting a cup of coffee early in the morning?

A cup of coffee in the morning makes the day feel more peaceful and balanced. For a great start, pair it with a book or newspaper.

36. Wearing Pajamas Right Out of the Dryer

A lot of people would select their pajamas according to their emotional state.

But who will ever think that warm pajamas from the dryer add extra coziness, especially on cold nights? It’s a comforting way to prepare for sleep.

Wearing pajamas to sleep is one of those simple things to enjoy in life but people overlook it.

37. Enjoying a Lit Candle at Home

Apart from the feeling of blowing candles on your birthday, did you ever think candles can bring out an exciting feeling by just watching them?

Candles add a cozy atmosphere and a delightful aroma to your house. One candle can be lit to create a soothing ambiance.

38. Finishing Things on Your List

If your home is messy and you are feeling stressed out about decluttering, take your time and just unwind.

Completing tasks is satisfying. Start with the most dreaded item and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as you check off each task.

39. Paying Off Debt and Seeing Your Money Grow

If you go around owing debts here and there, your life can be very unsettling. Try to make a decision and clear all your debts.

Watching your debt decrease and your savings grow is gratifying. Monitor your financial progress weekly to stay motivated and proud of your achievements.

40. Achieving Your Goals

What is your life’s purpose? It could be nearly impossible to enjoy life if you don’t have a structure that works for you.

Set a goal and strive to achieve it.  It is enjoyable and satisfying to set and accomplish goals. To keep yourself inspired and fulfilled, write down your goals and track your progress 

What Are the Joys of Life?

The greatest joys in life are frequently found in the little things we accomplish daily. Life is a journey filled with ups and downs.

We can find immense satisfaction and contentment when we stop to notice the small things that affect us negatively. Sometimes money is an added advantage, but it doesn’t always entail spending it.

The simple things to enjoy in life are often overlooked. Still, our days are made richer by these insignificant moments. We will be content and happy if we can put our troubles aside and take part in these easy activities.

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