Top 10 Simple Tips to Organize Your Closet in Few Minutes

A closet is a tiny room or enclosed area where shoes, clothing, and other personal belongings are kept.

Consider the importance of keeping this area tidy at all times. Sometimes, it might seem difficult, but it is achievable if you make a step.

By adhering to our simple tips to organize your closet, you can keep everything accessible and tidy while also keeping the closet visually beautiful.

We are here to turn your closet calamity into a comedy of organization.

Simple Tips to Organize Your Closet

Simple Tips to Organize Your Closet

These simple tips will leave you intrigued and eager to transform your chaos into order

1. Empty Your Closet

To begin the process of organizing your closet, remove everything, including your hangers, baskets, bins, and anything else on the floor or shelves.

Emptying your closet will help you design an organization system that’s tailored to your belongings and space.

It will also help you identify items you can sell or donate.

2. Clean Every Corner

Once you’ve cleared the space, it’s time to clean. Dust the shelving and hanging rods, then run your vacuum or sweep and mop the floor.

To finish, wipe down your shelving, hanging rods, walls, and baseboards with an all-purpose cleaner.

Don’t forget to check any baskets or bins that may have stains with dirt and dust over time.

3. Declutter and Donate

Declutter and Donate

When decluttering, you will find out some of those items that you don’t make use of anymore and there could serve other purposes.

Maybe not for you anymore but to that neighbor, to that friend of yours, it could also be to the charity. Simply keep a donation box and put those items there. You can also save lives and put a smile on their face.

The decluttering process can help us discover the one cloth we love so much and couldn’t find in quite a long time. Don’t fail to apply these simple tips to organize your closet.

4. Sort Items by Category

Now that your closet is clean and you only have the necessary and important things that bring you happiness, you can begin developing a pattern of sorting for items and categorizing them.

Separate your items into piles, arranged by category: shoes, outerwear, evening wear, and more. This will help you visualize the space you need for different items.

Additionally, as you witness some piles grow larger than others, this process will grant you the opportunity to identify belongings you want to discard.

5. Assess Your Storage System

Once you’ve separated your items into categories, you can then choose the right closet storage solution for you. There are many great options for closet organizers including complete closet system kits.

However, most people can install a few budget-friendly closet organizers such as dividers and drawers. The right organizers will depend on your unique closet categories.

For instance, you might want a series of hooks for handbag storage or perhaps a new method for organizing your shoe collection.

6. Put Everything Away

Put Everything Away

How you organize your clothes closet and drawers depends both on the space available and your usage of each category. Create a system for organizing your clothes based on frequency of use and seasonality.

Keep everyday essentials within easy reach, while storing off-season or special occasion items in labeled bins or storage boxes.

Thinking about how much space you need for each category will help you identify the best spot to store each item.

7. Group Clothing by Category

Make spaces for your clothing. You can customize your wardrobe to look just how you’ve always wanted.

Just like you cherish how the clothing is arranged in the boutique. Tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts, jackets, and so on should be kept similar.

Yes, it’s time to hit that marriage ceremony, or that time of the season when you need your most colorful cardigan, instead of scattering all over again, group clothing by categorization helps you find items easily.

8. Use a ladder

Ladders are just for fun or as a form of decor, far from that. Ladders serve a lot of purposes giving you the freedom that you need.

Did you know that decorative ladders can serve the same purpose as storage bins? Shirts that are worn but which can either be clean or not can be hung loosely or folded against one wall in your wardrobe.

Additionally, you may attach S-hooks for the belt to hang securely and hang scarves from it. 

9. Add Decor to Wall Space and Shelves

Add Decor to Wall Space and Shelves

One reason to decorate your closet is to make it look nice and organized, which will make it easier for you to find your clothes and other belongings. It will also make your daily routine easier and reduce stress.

You can hang photo frames, especially ones that capture your most stylish moments, and add some design elements like sculptures and oversized books to add decor to your closet.

10. Place Everything Back

You’ve reached your dream closet now. When you arrange them, consider the items you wear the most and place those in handy spots.

The kind of item, color, and designer will determine the layout and style of your closet. Just find the system that will be most effective for you.

Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Closet 

The space in your closet will depend on how you organize and maintain them.

1. Use Baskets and Bins

Baskets are less expensive but then it work magic by creating space in your closet.  The basket helps you sort things and make items easier to find.

For example, you can use baskets for gym clothes or beachwear, and clear bins for seasonal sweaters or boots.

2. Buy Matching Hangers

Buy Matching Hangers

To create more space, focus on your hangers. Abstain from leaving your clothes on the chairs and quickly use the hanger.

“The best way to create more space in your closet and give it a uniform look is to switch out your hangers for matching slimline ones,” says Marissa Hagmeyer, co-founder of NEAT Method.

3. Put Your Dresser Inside

Maximize the space under your clothes by placing your dresser inside the closet, just below your hanging items. This will also save space in your bedroom.

4. Use Trays for Accessories

Small accessories like jewelry and watches can get messy quickly. Small trays help keep these items organized so they don’t get lost.

How to Keep Your Closet Organized 

Follow these simple tips for maintaining an organized closet

1. Use the Space to Your Advantage

Your closet needs to represent both your functional demands and sense of style. Make your closet unique to your way of living.

Seek for multipurpose furniture if you have limited space. Ensure your closet is well-lit so you can easily find what you’re looking for

2. Labels Your Items

Simple Tips to Organize Your Closet - Labels Your Items

It’s easy to find and put things back when you label objects because you’ll know where they belong.

Invest in a label maker or use printed labels to clearly mark where each item belongs.

Use different colors for different categories of items. For items on shelves or in bins, use hang tags. 

3. Routinely Edit and Tidy 

Tidy up your closet at least once per week, using this time to re-hang or re-fold items or put items back in their place. Ensure that it remains a functional and enjoyable space.

Regular maintenance prevents clutter from becoming overwhelming and makes it easier to find and appreciate your belongings.

4. Add a Basket 

You can keep a neat and aesthetically pleasing area by using baskets in your closet organization system.

Items can be more easily found and kept organized by using baskets to help compartmentalize them.

If you’re too tired to put clothes back where they belong, you can throw them in a pretty bin and go through them at another time.

What is the Best Order to Organize Closets?

The secret to organizing your closet effectively is to figure out what suits you best. Developing a customized and scalable system is the aim.

Sort goods into categories such as jeans, dresses, and sweaters. Items should be arranged according to length and bulkiness.

Tops should go on lower racks or shorter shelves, pants should be hung up or placed on a mid-level shelf, and long dresses and heavy coats should be kept on higher racks or larger shelves.

Finally after digesting these simple tips to organize your closet, be ready to experience a huge transformation in your living space.  

By using these techniques, keeping your closet neat and organized will become second nature to you, improving the quality and ease of your everyday life.

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