Where Can I Buy St Patrick’s Day Shirts?

Where to Buy St Patrick's Day Shirts

Where can I buy St Patrick’s Day shirts? You would not want to feel odd among people wearing funny T-shirts to spice up the Feast of Saint Patrick. So you will need this shirt.

St Patrick's Day Shirts

First, you need to wonder where exactly to buy the T-shirt. You will not only buy it from anywhere but also from stores that are good at selling quality clothes at cheap prices.

St Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday that demands those who celebrate it to appear in costumes designed for that day. The date for this event is usually on the 17th of March.

Stay alert as we take you on a journey to discover where you can buy the St Patrick’s T-shirt so you can conveniently observe the death date of the great Saint Patrick.

Where to Find Trendy St Patrick’s Day Shirts?

Out of many clothing stores, we have picked some of the best places to buy the St Patrick’s Day T-shirt at an affordable price.

Here are some of the places where you can buy St Patrick’s Day shirts for yourself, friends, and family:

1. Amazon Online Clothing Page

At Amazon stores, you can buy St Patrick’s Day shirts for both men and women. They come in different styles which are the Shamrock Lucky T-Shirts, Short sleeve Shirts, and Cute Irish.

The price range for this shirt at Amazon is from $25 up to $100. However, you can buy at discounted prices by checking out today’s discount on the site.

2. Target Corporate Stores

One of the best places to buy St Patrick’s T-shirts is the Target Corporate store. They offer great deals on each shirt. 

You can get a St Patrick’s Day shirt for as low as $16.99. They have a good retailer rating. Also, when you buy from their website they will deliver it for free within the U.S.

If you do not like the quality of the shirt, you can always return it within 90 days from the day you bought it without having to pay a dime.

3. Walmart Clothing Store

St Patrick’s Day tees a style of the St Patrick’s Day Shirt currently selling at $20..95 at the Walmart clothing store.

Also, you can get some awkward styles of the shirt for as low as $11.00. Their shipping fee is almost free.

You can return the dress to the Walmart store location where you bought it within 90 days from the day you got it.

4. Kohl’s Clothing Store

To buy a St Patrick’s Day shirt from Kohl’s, you need to visit their festive collection which contains clothes that attract the lucky nature of the holiday.

The price range for St Patrick’s Day shirts is from $10 to $50 and above. However, you can find shirts selling below $10 at Kohl’s festive collection.

They have St Patrick’s Day shirts for adults, kids, and babies. If you got what you did not order, you can always return it for free within 180 days.

5. Etsy’s Clothes Collection

At Esty’s clothes collection, you can customize your own St Patrick’s Day shirt just the way you want it to be. This makes the clothes unique.

To buy that holiday costume from this clothing store, you should budget between $13 to $100 or even more.

When you place an order on the site, they will ship it to you for free. Both shipping and delivery will be taken care of by the retailer.

Furthermore, before going to a clothing store to buy a St Patrick’s Day shirt, you need to be guided on what color to buy.

What Colors are the Shirts for St Patrick’s Day?

Orange and green. Although green became a popular color, people chose to wear it on St Patrick’s Day. This is because of the nickname THE EMERALD ISLE.

Also, the green tripe on the Irish flag contributed to the importance of green on St Patrick’s Day. Those for the peace of the country wear this color often.

It was made known that those protesting on this special holiday are often wearing the orange color of the St Patrick’s Day shirt. Orange is the other color you see on the Irish flag.

You might want to know what exactly will happen to you if you do not wear a green shirt on St Patrick’s Day.

What If I Don’t Wear Green on St Patrick’s Day?

What If I Don't Wear Green on St Patrick's Day?

There is a myth told of some magical elves that often roam about on St Patrick’s Day. These elves go about pinching people so hard to inflict pain on them.

To make them stay away from you, they need to see you wear a green St Patrick’s Day shirt. Any color apart from green will make you their prey.

You can not enjoy the holiday with red marks and pains all over your body because those tiny guys will not stop at pinching you only once, but will do it over and over.

If you are in the class of plus size people, we recommend you buy the big and tall St Patrick’s shirts. Read on to know how much you will spend on buying this kind of shirt.

How Much is Big and Tall St Patrick’s Day Shirts?

The price of Big and Tall St Patrick’s Day shirts differs depending on the clothing store you visit for shopping.

Here is a table that shows the price of this shirt across different cloth retailers and also their return policies:

Clothing StoreBig and Tall St Patrick’s Day Shirt Price RangeReturn Policy
Amazon Store$10.99 to $19.65Return in 30 days from purchase.
Walmart Store.Approximately $26.37.90-day return policy.
Kohl’s Festive Collection.$24.99 to $34.99.180-day return policy.
Etsy’s Clothing Store.$17.50 to $22.50.30-day return policy.
Target Corporate Store.Below $35 and above.90-day return policy.

From the above table, you have seen that the selling cost of big and tall St Patrick’s Day shirts is not fixed. So, before going to buy it, you need to confirm the price with the retailer.

Finally, you have to know that there are best places to buy a St Patrick’s Day shirt like Amazon, Kohl’s festive collection store, and Etsy’s clothing stores.

Also, note that the best color of shirt to wear on the Feast of Saint Patrick is green. Wearing any other color will not bring you much luck on this special day.

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