What Bank is Kohl’s Credit Card?

What Bank is Kohl's Credit Card

Do you want to know what is what bank is Kohl’s credit card? Are you interested in knowing the benefit of Kohl’s card and its features? Keep reading to know what bank is Kohl’s credit card and the benefits of Kohl’s credit cards.

What Bank is Kohl's Credit Card?

If you’ve ever wondered about the financial institution behind Kohl’s credit card, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will explain in detail and provide you with all the essential information you need to know about Kohl’s credit card.

What Bank is Kohl’s Credit Card? 

Kohl’s credit card is issued and managed by Capital One, one of the largest banks in the US. Capital One has been a trusted name in the banking industry for many years.

By partnering with Kohl’s, Capital One offers customers the convenience of a store credit card specifically tailored for Kohl’s purchases.

Also, Kohl’s Credit Card operates under the supervision of Capital One, which acts as the card’s financial services partner. Capital One is a renowned financial institution known for its expertise in credit cards and banking services.

Although Capital One assists in the management and administration of Kohl’s Credit Card, it is crucial to understand that the card itself is not directly affiliated with any particular bank.

Features of Kohl’s Credit Card

As a Kohl’s Credit Card holder, you gain access to a range of exclusive features and benefits. Here are some of the features of Kohl’s credit card that you should get familiar with:

1. Kohl’s Charge Card

The Kohl’s Credit Card is commonly referred to as the “Kohl’s Charge Card”. It allows you to make purchases at Kohl’s stores and websites while enjoying additional savings and discounts.

The card functions similarly to a traditional credit card, but with added perks specifically tailored for Kohl’s customers.

2. Discounts and Rewards

One of the significant advantages of having a Kohl’s Credit Card is the access to exclusive discounts and rewards.

Cardholders often receive regular offers, promotions, and special deals that are not available to non-cardholders.

These discounts can significantly enhance your shopping experience at Kohl’s. Also, these Kohl’s discounts and rewards can help you save money on your purchases.

3. Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards

The Kohl’s Credit Card is closely integrated with the Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards program. This loyalty program allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend at Kohl’s.

Accumulated points can be redeemed for Kohl’s Cash, which is essentially store credit that can be used for future purchases.

4. No Annual Fee

Kohl’s Credit Card does not have an annual fee which is a good thing for Kohl’s customers. This feature makes it an attractive option for Kohl’s customers.

Especially those who want to enjoy the benefits of a store-specific credit card without worrying about additional charges.

In conclusion, Kohl’s Credit Card offers a range of benefits to loyal Kohl’s customers.

As a private-label retail credit card, it is managed in collaboration with Capital One but is not directly associated with any particular bank.

With its discounts, rewards, and no annual fee, the Kohl’s Credit Card presents an attractive opportunity for frequent Kohl’s shoppers.

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