What Brands Has Kohls Discontinued?

What Brands Has Kohls Discontinued?

Are you among those contemplating Kohl’s brand deals and partnerships? Do you want to know what brands has Kohl’s discontinued? Keep reading to know what brand has been discontinued from Kohls.

What Brands Has Kohls Discontinued?

Kohl’s is a well-known retail chain store which is popular for its diverse selection of clothing, accessories, home goods, and more.

Kohl’s is constantly evolving its product offerings to meet customer demands and market trends. This means that some brands affiliating with Kohl’s may come and go over time.

Those worrying about what brands Kohls discontinued are in the right place. Here, we will explore the current status of brands at Kohl’s, highlighting those that have been discontinued. 

What Brands Has Kohls Discontinued?

Kohl’s has made strategic decisions to discontinue certain brands throughout its history. These changes can be influenced by various factors such as customer preferences, market trends, and brand performance.

While the specific brands that have been discontinued may vary over time. Here are some of the brands that Kohls has discontinued over time:

1. Apt. 9

Apt. 9, is a contemporary fashion brand offering stylish apparel and accessories. Kohl’s made the decision to discontinue the Apt. 9 brands to make room for new and emerging fashion lines.

2. Dana Buchman

Dana Buchman, renowned for its sophisticated women’s clothing, was a beloved brand at Kohl’s.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s has discontinued the Dana Buchman line to prioritize other brands that resonate more with their target audience.

3. Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes, a fashion line endorsed by the renowned TV personality, was synonymous with affordable and chic designs.

Regrettably, Kohl’s decided to discontinue the Daisy Fuentes brand to make space for other fashion collaborations.

4. Simply Vera Vera Wang

Simply Vera Vera Wang is a brand that once partnered with Kohl’s. It is a fashion designer brand that offered a unique blend of elegance and affordability.

However, Kohl’s has discontinued this brand, paving the way for fresh partnerships and collections.

5. Food Network

Kohls not only offers fashion but also caters to culinary enthusiasts. The Food Network brand, featuring kitchenware and dining essentials, was once a staple at Kohl’s.

Over time, the brand was discontinued to accommodate new and exciting kitchenware collections.

6. Chaps

Chaps, a brand renowned for its classic and timeless designs, was previously available at Kohl’s.

However, due to changes in customer preferences, Kohl’s discontinued the Chaps line to focus on other brands that better align with their customers’ tastes.

7. Elle

Elle, a well-known brand synonymous with trendy and fashionable clothing, had a strong presence at Kohl’s.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s discontinued the Elle brand, making way for other fashion-forward collaborations.

8. Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic, a brand revered for its edgy and stylish denim, was once a sought-after label at Kohl’s.

However, Kohl’s has discontinued the Rock & Republic line, offering customers a chance to explore new denim brands.

9. Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture, renowned for its glamorous and luxurious designs, had a dedicated following at Kohl’s.

Nevertheless, Kohl’s discontinued the Juicy Couture brand, giving rise to new fashion partnerships and collections.

In conclusion, Kohl’s, as a dynamic retail chain, has experienced changes in its brand lineup over time. Kohl’s continues to offer a diverse selection of products to meet customer demands. 

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